Visitors flocked to museum friends munnerstadt

Visitors flocked to Museum Friends Munnerstadt

But that was not all, Kirch contributed his own stories and the "five singers from the Lauerstrand", Armin Fleischmann, Ewald Baumeister, Franz Gock, Herbert Wolf and Hubert Mangold, provided the atmosphere.

A "diced" winner

At the beginning, Rainer Kirch first introduced Heini Hochrein: born in June 1925, he died in May 2005. He was, so to speak, the Till Eulenspiegel of Munnerstadt and since 1994 even a "diced" person, so bearer of the Franconian cube, the highest award for people of the typical Franconian character. Rainer Kirch emphasized "I was a red, he was a decent conservative" and also told some encounters with him.

So "Heini" had, an opponent of the Munnerstadt bypass, after a city council meeting invited the proponents ("I was also once in the city council") to his home. The booze-up ended around 3 a.m. Since Kirch did not dare to go home, Heini Hochrein accompanied him – but it was so cheerful and loud that Mrs. Kirch was torn out of her sleep.. .

Silence in the large hall

When Rainer Kirch reads the texts of Heini Hochrein from his two volumes "Viechereien and "Murschter Nagelsieder" (the latter is unfortunately out of print) with his sonorous voice, then it becomes quiet in the large hall of the Deutschherrnkeller, sometimes interrupted by spontaneous applause.

Eating orgy at the Bayerischer Hof

Hochrein describes a "feeding frenzy" down to the smallest detail in 1947 at the Bayrischer Hof, when a stolen hare and many, many dumplings were consumed. Or the story of the forgotten dentures: an elderly married man met regularly with a woman on a bench. Since the dentures interfered with kissing, he simply put them next to it. Once he forgot his third teeth. A young couple, who had also chosen this bench, found the set of teeth and threw them into the man’s mailbox. From hour the young pair of lovers had the bank for itself alone.

Before the war, the true story "Maybug and Nazi" happened. In one year there was a huge number of cockchafer, which devoured the deciduous forests and were collected by school classes. Heini and some friends also collected cockchafers in shoe boxes and hid them in the cannon stove of a hall that served as a meeting place for the Nazis. At an evening event with ladies, the cockchafer made itself independent, fell into the beer glasses, clawed in the hairstyles of the ladies. It never came out who was responsible for this cockchafer attack. The little Heini got 50 Pfennig pocket money extra on Sunday – why, he did not suspect at that time.

Frogs through the mail slot

In later years, the story of the tailor Agnes Adele "one of the few female originals in Munnerstadt" takes place, said Rainer Kirch. Agnes, whom many guests in the Deutschherrnkeller still remembered well, did not have it so well with young people. She once showed all the young people who were still at Cafe Winkelmann at 9 o’clock in the evening. In thanks collected these over 40 frogs and let them plop through the mailbox slot in their apartment. One can easily imagine the chaos.

There was also a lot of applause for the singers, who not only sang songs like "hab mei Wage voll gelade" (I’ve loaded my wagon full) or "There is truth in wine shone. They also brought a "Song for Munnerstadt" with, which a group of guests of the hotel Tilman, which presumably comes from the high north, after the melody of the Friesenlied (" where the North Sea waves rush …") had poetized.

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