“Turbine” donates over 8000 euro

Great excitement recently prevailed at the representative of the action "Helping is fun" and the representatives of the animal shelter, the shelter manager Nora Walter and the chairman of the animal protection association Lichtenfels, Rolf Herter, which on the area of the animal shelter a delegation of the hobby soccer club FV "Turbine" Michelau to a donation delivery expected.

Incredulous amazement

Large were then the eyes of the donation receivers, when the young hobby footballers held out to them finally the along-brought along cheques. Almost a bit incredulous they could read on each of the two checks the amazing amount of 4392,13 Euro. The total amount of 8784,26 Euro resulted from the proceeds of the indoor soccer tournament with 20 leisure teams in the Michelau Mainfeldhalle, which was organized by Turbine Michelau already for the fourth time.

Four tournaments, four donations

The huge amount of money was raised through various individual contributions, namely from the entry fees and donations of the participating clubs, the proceeds from the sale of drinks and food, donations from the numerous spectators present, as well as donations from 30 companies and organizations. This is already the fourth indoor tournament organized by the young people and thus the fourth donation for a social cause.
In previous years, the Active Citizens, the Hospice Association and the Lichtenfelser Tafel Plus had already received donations, so that in just four years the dedicated amateur soccer players had collected around 33,500 euros for needy organizations. This is an admirable achievement. The FV "Turbine Michelau continues the tradition of the Stammtisch der Korbmachermonche, which donated about 140,000 euros to social causes over a period of 25 years.
Animal protection association chairman Rolf Herter thanked the team of the hobby soccer club FV "Turbine" cordially Michelau for the huge and in this amount not expected donation of 4392,13 Euro. The money goes down well. Finally for the food supply of the animals, for veterinary surgeon costs and necessary rebuilding measures high financial loads for the animal home develop.
Till Mayer thanked the young people for their great social commitment, which is not very common, especially in this day and age. The money in the amount of 4392,13 Euro was also donated to the campaign "Helping is fun" Well invested, after all, hundreds of needy people from the region could be supported annually for many years with this important measure.
The young people of the FV Turbine Michelau were of course happy about the great gratitude of the donation recipients, but they also thanked the many sponsors in the vicinity of the indoor tournament, who helped to achieve this high amount of donation.

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