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Grove, Liebherr, Gottwald, TEREX& Co.

We carry numerous renowned truck crane manufacturers and offer you high-quality, used equipment. Our truck-mounted cranes of various brands such as Grove, Liebherr, Tadano Faun or TEREX Demag are available in different sizes and designs as well as with different lifting capacities.


In our assortment you find the suitable used truck crane for each purpose, favorably and from the manufacturer of your choice.

With us you can also get other models of renowned German, European and continental mobile crane manufacturers. We carry used truck-mounted cranes, construction machinery and telescopic cranes from well-known companies such as PPM, Krupp, Volvo, Unimog, VW and Magirus-Deutz. The truck cranes of our manufacturers come next to construction sites with high-. Civil engineering also used for many other purposes.

These include:

– Ports – logistics – pipelines – bridge construction – heavy lifting – transportation – wind turbines – container terminals

For each of these fields of application you will find the right mobile crane with us. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on the subject of mobile cranes.

Truck-mounted cranes from various manufacturers in use

Smaller and more flexible versions of mobile cranes are often used for smaller jobs such as roofing, glazing, solar installations, tree trimming or stage erection. Here, too, we will find the right crane offer for you! A number of well-known manufacturers of automotive cranes offer you years of experience and high quality for this purpose.

Liebherr truck cranes: Liebherr, a German-Swiss company, has been manufacturing versatile construction vehicles, automotive cranes and commercial vehicles such as construction equipment since the 1950s. Liebherr's innovative TK 10 series mobile cranes in particular have made the company a popular brand all over the world. Today, successful models such as Liebherr 26 H, 32 TT and 22 HM with hook heights of up to 20 meters can be found on construction sites worldwide. The telescopic cranes of the LTM series are today among the market leaders in crane.

Gottwald truck-mounted cranes: The truck-mounted crane manufacturer Gottwald from Düsseldorf, which now belongs to Demag, enjoys an equally good reputation. This supplier manufactures mainly mobile cranes. Transport solutions in the port area at. Gottwald's truck-mounted cranes, which were manufactured in the past, are highly sought-after on the market and impress with their high quality and durability, even when used. Well known are the AMK series for heavy transport and the Gottwald AMK 1000 model – the first telescopic crane ever built over 1.000 tons load could lift.

Faun truck cranes: Mobile cranes from Faun are also in use worldwide. The company from Franconia belongs today to the Japanese company Tadano and produces vehicle and mobile cranes of the special class and military special vehicles for lifting and transport work. Since the 1960s, a wide range of truck-mounted cranes has been built, which are still in use today for heavy transport, construction, forestry and other work.

TEREX truck cranes: Truck-mounted cranes from the manufacturer TEREX in Zweibrücken cover a wide range and offer a lifting capacity between 30 and 3.200 tons. Today, three primary types of cranes are produced – mobile cranes on trucks with lifting capacities between 30 and 70 tons, military cranes for off-road applications and lattice boom crawler cranes with lifting capacities between 300 and 3.200 tons. These models are used.A. Used for heavy transport, bridge construction, civil engineering and wind turbines.

Grove Truck Cranes: The truck crane manufacturer Grove is one of the most famous companies in the world. The company from Wilhelmshaven specializes in mobile cranes and construction machinery and has been part of the American Manitowoc Company Inc. Since 2002. Grove cranes are used primarily in construction and heavy transport, as well as in ports and container terminals. The best known model is the Grove GTK 1100, often seen on construction projects with large lifting heights such as wind turbines. This large model is a telescopic truck crane with a rotating tower crane.

Significant differences between truck crane manufacturers

Even though all truck crane manufacturers produce products of the highest technical quality and grade, there are some differences between suppliers:

– Some models focus on increased stability for safer operation – While others offer more flexible solutions – Other truck-mounted cranes, in turn, are specially optimized for transport and the conditions of German and European roads and highways

The Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1: is a telescopic boom on nine axles, which is particularly suitable for public road traffic. This mobile crane has been designed for particularly short set-up times. The Liebherr LG 1750, on the other hand, is the world's highest road-mobile lattice boom truck crane with a hook height of 194 m. However, it has to be completely disassembled for road travel.

The AK 850/1100 GT: von Gottwald was for a long time the most powerful road-mobile mobile crane in all of Europe. The superstructure was divided for weight reduction to meet road loads. The Demag AC 700 has a useful superlift facility for its maximum lifting capacity of 700 tonnes and is also transported on nine axles.

The specifics of the truck crane brands

The first mobile telescopic crane, which has a nominal lifting capacity of 1.000 tons was the Gottwald AMK 1000-103, which is still in use around the world today.

The largest crawler cranes – in terms of lifting capacity – are offered by the manufacturers Liebherr and Terex Cranes.

Other popular manufacturers of truck cranes are z.B.:

Unimog, which manufactures universal equipment for agriculture, as well as construction equipment, cranes and commercial vehicles since 1945. Since 1951, Unimog has been a model designation for Mercedes-Benz, which itself produces its own truck cranes under its own name.

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