Tough, but hearty

Tough, but hearty

the nationally known ska punk band "the prosecution" from lichtenfels will make a guest appearance today, friday, in the "struwwelpeter" auditorium in kronach. After two acclaimed performances at the festival "die festung rockt" the concert is a first reunion with the now even more successful band since two years.
"The prosecution are considered one of the best bands in their genre in the country at the moment. currently the band is out with their new album "the unfollowing" on a big tour through germany and neighboring countries.

guitars and trumpet

at "the prosecution it is a twelve-piece band that combines elements from the genres of ska, hardcore and punk.
Their experimental style with a mix of distorted electric guitars and trumpets gives the band a special touch. three regional supportbands joined the tour. With "gulleschiss from lauscha "the riot robots" from kronach and "monkey circus" from lichtenfels will put a loud exclamation mark on the local scene.
Visitors can look forward to the band "the riot robots", the band is made up of well-known musicians from various regional predecessor bands and gave one of their first performances in the "struwwelpeter" will play. tickets for the concert are available for ten euros at the box office.
Tickets are on sale until 5 p.m. today at a price of eight euros at the "struwwelpeter" to have. The concert starts at 8 p.m. As the "struwwelpeter" a youth center is, guests over 14 allowed to stay out until midnight without a guardian
The "struwwelpeter" team offers all visitors aged 14 to 99 a top-class evening of punk rock.

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