This is the perfect sightseeing tour for your first visit to berlin!

This is the perfect sightseeing tour for your first visit to berlin!

A weekend, a city, countless corners to discover. The destination of the city trip: Berlin. TRAVELBOOK lists the most important sightseeing spots for your first visit to the capital and explains how best to get from A to B.

The best way to get to know Berlin is to sit somewhere on a busy square and look. It can be in Mitte, Neukölln, Schöneberg, Prenzlauer Berg or any other district – you will always experience a different Berlin. Because: Berlin is not just Berlin. Accordingly, you should immediately forget about the claim to really get to know the city in two days.

But you can start somewhere, so why not with the classic sights in Mitte and hyped inner city parts? Namely, during this two-day short trip you will roam through Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln. And if after that you do not have enough of Berlin (why should you?!), then just come back again.

On the road by public transport, on foot or by bike

If you want to see Berlin, you should walk a lot of the routes or rent one of the many city bikes, which are now on almost every corner. There are so many streets, stores and little oddities to discover, you can't even see them from the various trains.

For the somewhat longer distances – or if the feet do hurt at some point – the capital city is well provided for thanks to the BVG and the S-Bahn. You have the choice between subway, S-Bahn, streetcar and buses. Thanks to a predominantly logical traffic network, you usually get away quite well in the inner city area. In addition to public transportation, bike, car and scooter sharing are available, as well as plenty of private and shared cabs. The latter call themselves Berlkönig. Also coming from BVG.

Berlin in 2 days – the most important sightseeing spots

If you have never been to Berlin before, on Saturday you will first walk around all the sights he or she knows from TV: Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz and so on. The stand in middle. There are so many that the once divided inner city district will keep you busy all day long. If you feel like doing some extensive shopping in between, you'll find plenty of options in Mitte.

On day two, we'll take a look at Berlin's "in" neighborhoods. Away from the typical sights, immerse yourself in the hip neighborhoods of Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg.

Day 1: Middle

Today you walk almost exclusively on foot – so don't forget sturdy shoes! You start your tourist day at Potsdamer Platz with its futuristic skyscrapers. You can get there by S-Bahn and U-Bahn (S1, S2, U2) as well as by bus. Those who want to go shopping right away will find the Mall of Berlin nearby.

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