These are the highlights 2022!

These are the highlights 2022!

Innovative accessories for your new e-bikeWhich e-bike accessories you should not do without and which new gadgets will make your ride even more pleasant, you will learn in the news article. Have fun with the trends 2021!

E-bike accessories: innovations, tips and gadgets

Bicycle accessories have already become as important as the bike itself. That's why every year more and more innovations come. Useful gadgets on the market. If you have a practical e-bike, you should also equip it with the appropriate accessories. We show you which electric bike accessories you should definitely not do without in the 2021 cycling season.

Demand for e-bikes has risen rapidly in recent years. This led to the fact that not only the electric bike constantly evolved, but also the accessories. The most important: the helmet. Although there is no helmet requirement for e-bikes up to 25 km/h, a helmet is recommended for every e-bike. After all, the speed is higher than on a normal bike. The latest helmet innovations from 2021 promise not only protection and comfort, but are also fashionably trendy. Especially popular is the Kortal Race MIPS helmet. With its anti-rotation and curved visor system, it offers not only a very high standard of safety, but also a great view with the "Clarity glasses". The POC Omne Eternal helmet is brand new. It is already impossible to imagine cycling without them. The head guard is coated with photosynthetic material that can convert artificial light into electricity. Special gimmick: A small light bulb lights up on the back of your head to draw attention to you in traffic and protect you from possible accidents.

E-mountain bike backpack accessories

On an e-bike tour, comfort and practicality are paramount when it comes to accessories. It is especially important to always stay well hydrated. That's why you should take a light backpack with you on a bike tour, in which you can stow a water bottle and provisions. During the e-bike tour we advise you to use a handy bottle whose cap is easy to open and close. Camelbak brand backpacks in particular are very light, so regular refreshment and comfort are not neglected. Another wise investment is backpacks that reflect at night. The backpack is not only a stylish accessory, but also a safety extra. You are immediately visible to other road users even in the dark. Especially known for fashionable reflective backpacks is the brand "Province".

The must-haves for your e-bike

Another insider tip for e-bikers is a training watch. It shows your pulse and heart rate while you ride and automatically measures your training progress. This way, you are motivated during your bike tour to increase your performance and get everything out of yourself. So with such a smart watch on your wrist, you can not only impress in terms of fashion awareness, but also track your training sessions in a targeted manner.

E-bike accessories for ladies

For many ladies, their own bike is often not stylish enough. With a few little tricks, any e-bike can be easily spiced up! Even a small change can make a big difference. How about a playful bicycle bell? They are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and shapes, so there is something for everyone. In order to visually adapt the e-bike to the spring and summer temperatures, more and more women are turning to bike stickers. Decorating the wheel with small flowers has a friendly instant effect. Try it out and design your individual e-bike with the help of small details!

Useful gadgets – our insider tips

The smartphone has a special place in our everyday lives, because we always want to be reachable. A cell phone can also be quite useful while cycling – as a navigation aid. Before starting the bike tour, simply look online for particularly beautiful routes that you want to ride on. Then take off! In order not to have to hold the cell phone in your hand while cycling, a cell phone holder is ideal. A cell phone case offers your smartphone protection in wind and weather and does not hinder you while cycling. You can have your route navigated. Keeping both hands on the handlebars. Particularly popular are the cell phone cases of the brand "Velmia.

E-bike leasing accessories – Your advantages with BusinessBike

Businessbike not only gives you a free choice of bike manufacturers, brands and models, you also get a wide range of leasable accessories to go with your leased bike. Of course, you can decide for yourself which products are necessary for you.

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