The volvo e.r.b. Auto zentrum becomes ‘partner of the hockey sport

The volvo e.r.b. Auto zentrum becomes 'partner of the hockey sport

As an official premium partner, the Volvo exclusive dealer will immediately begin an extensive commitment to the DHB. In addition to sponsorship support for the squad athletes, there will also be a special mobility agreement. The owner-managed, medium-sized company has been committed to the sport of field hockey in the Hanover region and throughout Lower Saxony for many years and will now expand this commitment extensively.

"We are very happy about this new partnership, because already in the first talks it became clear how much sympathy and passion there is in the Volvo E.R.B. Car Center and the Eidenschink family for our sport," says DHB President Carola Meyer. "In addition, the Volvo brand is an excellent fit for the sport of field hockey. We know from evaluations that the vehicles enjoy an above-average popularity within the field hockey family. To have such a partner who wants to help the sport of field hockey grow and generate more public attention is a huge benefit for us."

Support for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo – and beyond

"After two bronze medals for the women and the men in Rio de Janeiro 2016, we want to use our support to create the necessary framework so that the successful Olympic field hockey history can be continued in Tokyo in 2020," says Karl-Heinz Eidenschink, Managing Director of Volvo E.R.B. Car centers. "We are convinced that there are also promising chances of making it onto the podium again in Tokyo. For our 'Honamas' and 'Danas', the Olympics are the greatest possible sporting event and an incredible experience. That's why we want to help them along the way. Support beyond that, too". From now on, the specially designed logo will adorn the back of the skirts. Pants of the German senior national teams adorn. Eidenschink goes on to explain that it is not just the German field hockey elite who are to benefit from the partnership: "Due to our long-standing support of this fascinating sport, we would like to be more for the sport than a mere sponsoring partner. In addition to our figureheads, the national teams, the main aim is to reach numerous other active players and supporters in their commitment to and for the sport of field hockey," says Eidenschink.

" Learn more about the attractive special conditions for the field hockey family

"Volvo and field hockey – in our eyes, it's a great match"

The cooperation, developed in close coordination with Volvo Car Germany GmbH, enables a large number of members of the "field hockey family" to benefit from attractive special conditions for the purchase, leasing and financing of vehicles from the Swedish premium manufacturer, which would otherwise not be available to private individuals. "Volvo and field hockey – in our eyes, that's a great match," Eidenschink is convinced. "Values such as team spirit, openness, responsibility for each other, commitment and inventiveness play a crucial role both in field hockey and for Volvo. In addition, the German field hockey teams, with their authentic female and male athletes, are positive ambassadors in many ways."

Last but not least, Volvo NL's involvement in the Netherlands shows how successful such a cooperation can be. "We now also want to go down this path and are very much looking forward to the upcoming cooperation as well as our role as a partner of the sport of field hockey," says Eidenschink.

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