The same light is spoken does that still interest anyone.

The same light is spoken does that still interest anyone.

In terms of advertising strategy, the advertisement of the new ADAC car insurance is certainly eye-catching and skillfully done (kind of like those awful homeday ads with the hissing man's hand on the hot grill or the woman's hand clawing over the cactus – for me, a reason to completely forgo related services if I were in the position). Back to the ADAC weaving: This head simply triggers joy. So much aesthetics in one place . . . (gag).

In the TV commercial the guy is sitting in his car and sees something and shoo – all of a sudden his head becomes huge, no body is visible anymore, the head, a flat looking face, basically bucks up on the roof of the car and looks in the direction where there is something terribly important to see (the torso is missing, doesn't matter, there is the car there as a torso substitute – here in the picture the body is still visible). Once the guy has looked out, the head shrinks in a flash, sits inside the car again on the driver's torso – and that's the end of the advertising (of course, still provided with appropriate product information).

Apart from the fact that the huge head without a body makes me feel a little nauseous, this advertisement shows exactly the reality of the human being as it is nowadays. As is well known, this time of ever increasing heads began with Newton, Galilei and some others, when man increasingly turned to modern natural sciences and all knowledge became more and more abstract (the natural sciences can't do anything for it, therefore nobody needs to condemn them).

Even if the human being does not only put the head, but also the body, by separating it cleanly from the big head, in the foreground like this, tries to feed it great, demands more and more hair-raising performances from it, styles it more and more and versexualizes it: In truth, this body is not alive. Whether the soul (if it still has room in such bodies) feels comfortable in the long run, even if the body screams: I am, I am? A Heidi Klum is – mind you, this is my subjective view, my feeling – an exhibition doll with an eternally same smile/laugh (for which especially the resp. There are sports where people run headless after a ball, earn as much in a minute as a worker earns in a lifetime, and are idolized, or even just "played". Trampled to the ground by fans and sports experts. There are people among them where the head doesn't always say the same thing (Jogi Löw actually always says the same thing, I think, and so do most of his boys running around); but that there are others among them is rather the exception. A living wholeness of body. Head is found only very rarely. This wholeness doesn't have to exhibit anything, doesn't have to prove anything to itself, but the head is in constant contact with the body and tells it what there is to perceive, and the body sends the signals it receives to the head. No one dominates the other, one is there for the other, sometimes one may have more to say, sometimes the other, but overall it's a great balance.

Artificial intelligence allows the headless people to have

More and more people can be imagined really well without a head and this is also what artificial intelligence is working towards: it will take over the bodies, which in reality don't want a human head at all, but just want to be a great body, a functional mechanism that works and frees more and more years – whatever else?

We are talking about a distorted image of man, for whom everything has become abstract, for whom things are not really alive, who is great at throwing around concepts without noticing that these concepts no longer have blood. How can some people talk great about love, but you feel: this love is totally anemic. How can some pastors talk great about God: But one senses. This god is totally bloodless. Yes, there are also esoterics who can talk great about holism. But one feels, this wholeness is quite broken, non-existent, exists in words, which are only letters, without feeling, without life, without spirit. Similarly it behaves with the talk of most politicians. In their latest variant – Donald Trump and Boris Johnson – they lie more than they tell the truth with the effect that the head-controlled listening to them, if the two do not lie for once, especially appreciate the fact that the two accidentally tell the truth, whereby altogether the head of mankind simply increasingly adjusts to lies (Michael Ende foresaw this in his 'Neverending Story', in that increasingly nothingness spreads and the childlike empress is sick to death and he also assigns a certain function to the lies).

School as an image of the dissected human being

Such a development is possible, because everything is more and more disassembled into individual parts without connection to each other. It's just like school: physics talks about light and its refraction, biology about the phototropism of plants – that is, that they turn toward light, mathematics is used to calculate the speed of light, religion talks about Jesus as the light of the world in Haydn's great oratorio "The Creation" listen to the students when sounding so great: Let there be light, in German we talk about the absence of light in Kafka – people are constantly moving in the semi-darkness and twilight there – and in art we produce works that are all about light and shadow. That but always basically via a. The same light is spoken: Is anyone else interested in this? Don't curriculum designers see this, how horribly inner light is separated from outer light, even though the two are so interrelated? That everything is divided into subjects and no awareness can arise in students how much inner and outer are related, nature and mind, science and humanities?! Is anyone else interested that it would make more sense to have a lesson on the subject Light and to ask which subjects can contribute to the illumination of this phenomenon and its meaning for us humans, thus it is about meaning and significance, not about factual knowledge?!

The willing head does it all. The prerequisite is that it is cleanly separated from the body.

A winning strategy from those who are increasingly dehumanizing humanity. Or who orchestrated that people walk around with either bloated bodies or bloated heads?? This would be a question that talk shows could address, not the same old politics that only gets repeated because the real issues are not being addressed.

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