The energy turnaround and the will of the citizens

On the subject of "Energy Turnaround on the Rennsteig": The glass industry in the Tettau Winkel region is striving for an energy turnaround. This is surprising, but also a good thing. Because if the industry supports the need for alternative energy production, then this process will proceed all the faster.

Unfortunately, state and local politics have in the meantime erected hurdles that have generally brought the construction of wind turbines to a standstill. What can be done now? The glass bosses are trying the upscale politics, whose representatives’ hands are unfortunately tied by legislation (Altmeier’s 5-houses plan, 10H rule in Bavaria, wind power-free Franconian Forest). Does it make any sense at all to ally with the politicians?

More effectively one comes forward, if the citizens concerned with in the boat would be brought. But not only for the sake of the environment, but also, and this should be clearly stated, because of the monetary benefits that would be possible through citizen participation in wind power. Keyword: Citizen wind farm. And the chances of this are better than ever in times of zero-interest policy. No bank investment could keep up with such an investment. Especially if the local industry as a buyer could give long-term guarantees. Could politics then still have any arguments against such citizen-oriented projects? Yes, just the legal situation!

We remember: The 10H rule was installed in 2014 at the request of the citizens, according to Seehofer in the 2013 election campaign mode. Why should not be made now again, this time at the request of the (Tettau) citizens, at least an exception. Unfortunately, however, only local elections and access to the Bavarian land use regulations are not possible. Whether at least the local politicians are willing to overturn a fundamental decision (Windkraftfreier Frankenwald) without the blessing from above is difficult to predict. However, we are currently experiencing what citizen will is capable of at all levels of politics. The time would be favorable for the citizens of Tettau.

Hans Goetz


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