The 25 best birth quotes & sayings

Parents' lives are the book the kids read. Copy Augustinus Aurelius

Children are the great wealth of our lives. They are we little rays of sunlight that light our way every day. Copy Unknown

I created a human – what are your superpowers? Copy Unknown

The 25 best birth quotes & sayings

A bundle of bliss came to us on earth to be loved tenderly in security by us. Copy unknown

The decision to have a child is momentous. It means that your heart will always beat in another body too. Copy Elizabeth Stone

To look at a newborn as if you were finally allowed to open a package that you had been curious about for many months – and whose contents turn out to be a miracle of perfection that surpasses anything you ever dreamed of. Copy unknown

When dreams take shape and wishes come to life, then it can be called a miracle. Copy Unknown

Three things have remained for us from paradise: The stars of the night, the flowers of the day and the eyes of the children. Copy Dante Alighieri

When you were born, it was a rainy day. But actually it was not rain. It was the sky that wept because it lost its most beautiful star. Copy Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Sometimes the little things take the biggest place in our hearts. Copy Alan Alexander Milne

When love continues to grow, it becomes visible to all. We are happy to take (child's name) in our arms. Copy Unknown

When all the presents for the joyous occasion are unwrapped, the most beautiful gift is undoubtedly still the newborn life, wrapped in diapers. Copy Unknown

9 months I (you) teased mommy. Now it's daddy's turn! Copy unknown

The 25 best birth quotes & sayings

A newborn baby is like the beginning of all things – it is wonder, hope, dream of all possibilities. Copy Eda J. Leshan

The 25 best birth quotes & sayings

Why should people have children? The first seconds after birth can answer all the unanswered questions! Copy unknown

When the child struggles with the new environment and the first cry comes out, then for a second the earth stands still, because no one wants to miss this moment. A child sees the world with different eyes. Gladly flees to his dreams. It takes us on this fascinating journey in a very special way every day. Copy Unknown

We look forward to children's laughter, to little hands that make a lot of nonsense, to little feet that run around cheerfully and to little eyes that flash with curiosity. Copy Unknown

Stark naked and without money, you came to this great world. Apartment hin Apartment her, Dir wars zu eng, Du wollts't no more. Papa stood by mama when you made that first cry. Now go with him at every turn, two tiny little feet with. Copy Unknown

Children show us the things that make any life really important. So we should also see the little things that often pass us by without a trace. Copy unknown

Children determine our happiness, never take a step backwards. Have moved many people to tears. Are guided by us through life. You give meaning to our lives. Carry us to the goodness. Copy unknown

A baby is a gift from heaven: it still carries the radiance of the sun on its face, the shine of the stars in its eyes, and the smirk of the moon on its lips. Copy Barbara Schniebel

Four feet, large to medium small, walked through the world all alone. Now soon at every turn, two tiny little feet walk with. Copy Unknown

So many dreams, so many wishes, so many questions, so many hopes, so much feeling, such a small person. Welcome to life. Copy unknown

The 25 best birth quotes & sayings

A little bit of mom, a little bit of dad and gaaaanz much wonder! Infinitely proud and grateful for the birth of our child!

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