Sv garitz consolidates its lead

SV Garitz consolidates its lead

SV Garitz – SV Rodelmaier 4:1 (4:0) – Goal sequence: 1:0/2:0/3:0 Alexander Flassig (15./16./35.), 4:0 Bjorn Schlereth (38.), 4:1 Christian Hofgesang (87.).

The leader did not show any weakness against guests who are in danger of relegation and defended its lead over the next chasers. Thanks to a strong performance in half-time, SV coach Andrzej Sadowski could afford to slow down the pace after the break, the forces should be saved for the difficult match on Friday in Schraudenbach. In principle, the fair fight was already decided after the 2:0, the guest with several reservists was simply too harmless. The overdue lead of the green-whites scored Alexander Flassig after header extension of Bjorn Schlereth. The scorer was allowed to cheer again during the next attack. After Manuel Krieter had started a spectacular solo from the halay line, guest defender Sebastian Bayer scratched Krieter’s weak shot towards the empty goal off the line, but the ball bounced exactly onto Flassig’s foot. The provided with a flawless hat trick also the 3:0, from the baseline he duped with a shot into the short corner keeper Markus Werner. Three minutes later, after a cross from the industrious Stefan Glockler, he fisted the ball right into the path of Bjorn Schlereth, who effortlessly slid it in. In the second half, the league leader continued to dominate the action, and shortly before the end, Christian Hofgesang scored a cosmetic goal with a directly converted free kick.
Garitz: Reusch – M. Niebling, Krieter, Mutzel, Glockler – Cazzella (46. Ozorio), An. Sadowski (63. Lang), Voll, Flassig – Rudolph, Schlereth (46. Schober).

TSV Munnerstadt – TSV Gochsheim 1:0 (1:0) – Goal of the day: Hans-Christian Schmitt (40.).

The Munnerstadter crystallize as the only Garitzer chaser "the first half was simply outstanding", so press spokesman Gunther Scheuring. The hosts were dominant, only the chance exploitation was expandable. Goal scorer Simon Snaschel ruffled his hair not only because of a shot against the post. Shortly before the change of ends Hans-Christian Schmitt netted after Steilpass of Ahmet Coprak unhaltbar for keeper Marco Kuhn. The halftime score flattered the guest, whose attack duo Meusel-Greubel with Christoph Krell and Johannes Kanz was logged off. In the second half, the Gochsheimer became a little bolder, but again had luck on their side, when the broken through Snaschel pushed the ball past the empty goal. After that, the still ambitious Schonhofer eleven had to tremble, but the equalizer would have been extremely lucky for the Reichsdorfler according to the course of the game.
Munnerstadt: Wolf – D. Mangold, Kanz, Krell, Ph. Muller (65. Erhard) – Coprak (70. M. Knysak), Geis, Schmitt, Markart – Snaschel, Kiros (85. Thomann).
TSV Forst – FC Fuchsstadt 3:2 (1:1) – Goal sequence: 1:0 Marco Forner (15.), 1:1 Andreas Ermisch (21.), 1:2 Stefan Krieger (own goal/60.), 2:2 Anthony Brinkley (75.), 3:2 Simon Bolz (own goal/85.) – Bes. Incident: Anthony Brinkley (Forst) put foul penalty against the post (82.).

Simon Bolz of all people was the unlucky one from FC’s point of view on his birthday, shortly before the end of the game the leather slipped off his thigh into his own goal after a TSV corner. "The game should have been decided in our favor, we had the better chances in the first half, according to FC coach Marius Kubo. The saw a class goal by Andreas Ermisch, who put the leather in the angle, but also opportunities from Harry Bayer and a crossbar free kick by Niko Wolf. The own goal by Stefan Krieger seemed to fix everything, but the substitute Anthony Brinkley provided the equalizer.
Fuchsstadt: Rosler – Heinlein, Thurn, T. Stoth, Baldauf – Bolz, Wolf, Ermisch, Zink (55. Plehn) – Mo. Wahler (73. A. Lebsack), Bayer.

SSV Gadheim – SV Riedenberg 2:3 (2:1) – Goal sequence: 1:0/2:0 Marcel Namyslo (10./23.), 2:1 Adrian Sahlender (own goal/40.), 2:2 Benedikt Carton (75.), 2:3 Dominik Frohlich (93.).

"Luck has only the brave" it is called again in Riedenberg, the green-whites turned an almost lost game in their favor with a free kick by Dominik Frohlich in injury time. After half an hour it looked for the "storks" quite dreary, but with the own goal germinated new hope. This led to a superiority in the second half, with the equalizer, which Benedikt Carton scored from seven meters, tipped the Aufsteigerduell.
Riedenberg: Fl. Dorn – Schuhmann, Schaab, Buchner, Schultheib – D. Dorn, Carton, Frohlich, Rommelt (60. S. Hergenroder) – Ruttiger, Ph. Dorn,

SV Rot-Weib Obererthal – TSV Rothlein cancelled

The personnel shortage at SV is getting worse and worse, so that the match had to be cancelled due to lack of players and is rated X:0 for Rothlein. Only chance would have been to fill up with players of the second team. Only then they are not eligible to play in the second for ten days. Since not only on Sunday, but also on Pentecost Saturday games are scheduled, that would be two games. "We had to cancel already three times, the next time the team would be cancelled", describes department head Manfred Ruth the predicament.

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