Spain and croatia in the european championship semifinals – france out

Spain and croatia in the european championship semifinals - france out

Before that, Spain, third in the World Cup, beat Iceland 31-26 (17-13) to become the first team in main round Group II to reach the semifinals. The serbians had advanced in the german season.

The olympic champion turned around a deficit before the break, but fell behind against the croatians until the 53rd minute. Minute, however, decisively with 19:24 fall behind. With seven goals each, ivan cupic and marko kopljar were the most successful guards for the croatians. jerôme fernandez and xavier barachet each score four goals for france.

the spaniards did not let their clear lead in the second half be taken away by iceland. Best scorer for the winners was circle runner julen aguinagalde with five goals, iker romero from the fuchsen berlin scored four goals. For the icelandic team, gudjon valur sigurdsson was the best scorer with six goals.

at the end of the day, slovenia won 32:30 (14:13) against hungary. the slovenians, like croatia, can still get to six points on the last day of play, but they still have no chance of reaching the semifinals because they lost the direct comparison with the fifth-placed team in the world championship. best scorers in the match under the direction of german referees lars geipel and marcus helbig were dragan gajic (13/4) for slovenia and barna putics (7) for hungary.

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