Selbst wenn am netz gebaut wird

Selbst wenn am netz gebaut wird

GEOVOL News OverviewOn this page you will receive current information about upcoming construction measures and related traffic regulations during the expansion phases of the district heating network.

Due to the current situation, we are currently receiving a lot of telephone inquiries. Please understand that we are not able to answer all phone calls immediately. You can also send your request by e-mail to [email protected] send. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The interest in geothermal energy is currently very high due to the rising energy prices – which makes us happy, but also brings challenges for all sides. We have summarized the most important information as a FAQ for you. Last year, GEOVOL's heat sales rose sharply once again. Has with about 73.000 megawatt hours reached a new record level.000 megawatt hours reached a new record level.

Yesterday, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder accepted the "Champion Deep Geothermal 2021" award from GEOVOL. In his statement, Söder emphasized the importance of geothermal energy for Bavaria's climate strategy.

So that you don't run out of reading material during the pre-Christmas period, the new GEOVOL newsletter has been published just in time for the first Advent. Have fun reading!

In summer, GEOVOL had invited to a scavenger hunt with 13 stations in the municipal area and offered attractive prizes. The offer met with great interest. Last week the main winners were able to receive their prizes.

At the beginning of October GEOVOL has adjusted the heat prices. Compared to other district heating providers or the price jumps for fossil raw materials, the increase is very moderate.

In his government declaration on climate protection last week, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder set the goal that by 2050, a quarter of the heat needed in Bavaria should come from geothermal sources.

Recently the primary energy factor of the GEOVOL district heating was recalculated. According to the certificate from 1. July 2021 it will be only 0.21. This way geothermal heated new buildings can easily meet the requirements of the new building energy law.

With oil and gas prices fluctuating sharply, the interest in stable-price, environmentally friendly district heating from GEOVOL is unbroken. In recent months, over 40 objects have been newly connected.

Last year, the sale of heat with about 60.000 megawatt hours reached a new high.

For GEOVOL, as for many others, 2020 was a special year. Because of the corona pandemic, which necessitated many precautionary measures. But also because the network expansion could be advanced at a decisive point. The new GEOVOL newsletter takes stock.

Since a few weeks, the residents of the Ringstraße can now also get geothermal heat from GEOVOL. You have had to wait a long time.

While the base price will rise slightly, the energy price will fall as of July 1, 2021. October clearly. Heating with geothermal heat becomes more affordable: With a typical consumption for single-family homes, you save about 55 euros per year.

With the start of the new school year on 08.09.2020 the school campus Unterföhring has officially started its operation.

The Neighborhood Assistance Unterföhring is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind as far as possible. Thanks to a fundraising campaign, in which GEOVOL also participated, the association was able to put another car in the service of senior citizen care.

Today, a Germany-wide campaign of numerous companies and associations starts, which wants to draw attention to the potentials of deep geothermal energy and to improve the general conditions for the use of geothermal energy. GEOVOL is also a supporter of the campaign.

The German government has decided to temporarily reduce the sales tax rates as part of its economic stimulus package. GEOVOL passes on this reduction in full to its customers. Reduces heat prices from July to December.

Finally, the wait is over for the south of Unterföhring: Last Sunday, the long-planned bridge over the railroad tracks parallel to Münchner Straße was completed, thus closing a crucial gap in the GEOVOL district heating network.

The old GEOVOL supervisory board is the new one: In mid-May, the six members were confirmed in office for another six years. The recently published newsletter introduces the councils with a picture and what motivates them in their work for GEOVOL

Last year GEOVOL sold more geothermal district heating than ever before. The next two years will see the completion of the grid expansion project.

Malmi worries about a cold apartment during Advent in the new newsletter. Of course wrongly, because the GEOVOL heat comes reliably. Even when building on the grid.

Exactly ten years ago today, geothermal heat supply began in Unterföhring. A venture that became a success story from which the whole community benefits.

The Bavarian Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger spoke last week at the "Praxisforum Geothermie" congress.Bavaria" A lance broken for geothermal energy. GEOVOL Managing Director Peter Lohr welcomes his announcement to launch a geothermal master plan. The recently published new GEOVOL newsletter is dedicated in detail to GEOVOL's environmental commitment. Shows: The production of climate-friendly heat alone is not enough.

GEOVOL uses mobile heating centers to ensure heat supply even during maintenance work on the grid.

Almost 120 high school students from Neuburg an der Donau visited Geovol over two days.

On Wednesday, the 24. July, GEOVOL offers from 16.30 o'clock a guided tour through the geothermal plant in Unterföhring on. A registration is required.

Since recently, the geothermal plant in Unterföhring has its own entry in the well-known online encyclopedia.

Unterföhring's successful wrestling club recently inaugurated a new mat ceiling thanks to financial support from GEOVOL.

From 06. Until 07. June, a training course on the new RM360 controller from Aqotec took place at GEOVOL's energy center.

District treasurer as guest in Unterföhring.

The GEOVOL newsletter, published a few days ago, provides information on tricky construction sites in grid expansion and the future of geothermal cooling.

A few days ago the technical information service Energate talked with GEOVOL managing director Peter Lohr about the development of the geothermal heat supply in Unterföhring.

Last year GEOVOL sold more geothermal heat than ever before. The past year was also rich in other events for GEOVOL.

Geovol gets illuminated information boards for faster orientation of visitors.

A few days ago the GEOVOL Christmas newsletter was published. In addition to a new Malmi adventure, it includes information on grid expansion and supply security. The almost 20 representatives of the association were impressed by the plant extension. Expansion of geothermal energy use in Unterföhring.

In mid-October, GEOVOL Managing Director Peter Lohr was a guest speaker at the "Praxisforum Geothermie" congress in Munich. His lecture as well as the excursion to Unterföhring met with lively interest of the approximately 200 professional visitors from Germany and abroad.

In Unterföhring, almost every second building is now supplied with geothermal district heating. On some streets, the connection rate is 90 percent.

Geovol matches the 01. October 2018 their heat price to.

The current newsletter informs about measures to maintain the high network stability, the primary energy factor of GEOVOL district heating, which is important for building owners, as well as about Malmi's friends on the company premises.

For many years, GEOVOL has been supporting the project "Lern& Accompaniment to the bicycle training in the youth traffic school".

School class from Neuburg an der Donau learns about deep geothermal energy.

10 years ago, the first pipes for the district heating network of GEOVOL were laid in Unterföhring. At certain intervals, about 800 gate valves have been installed in it so far. They can be closed if necessary (during maintenance/repair work) to disconnect individual sections from the grid.

After about ten years of trouble-free operation, the two thermal wells created in 2008/2009 are currently being maintained and inspected. In addition, one of the two submersible centrifugal pumps is replaced. This requires two heavy truck-mounted cranes that can be seen from afar.

A few days ago the new GEOVOL newsletter was published. The current issue reports, among other things, on the expansion of the district heating network in 2018, the "redesign" of GEOVOL's appearance and the work of the supervisory board.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the renowned lawyer Professor Dr. Helmut Greulich in the house of the Geovol a guest lecture to the reform of the building contract right.

Almost a thousand visitors accepted GEOVOL's invitation to celebrate the company's tenth anniversary.

GEOVOL starts to modernize its appearance. The first step of this "redesign" is a newly designed corporate brochure, which was published for the first time during the anniversary celebration.

A colorful bouquet of attractive entertainment awaits the visitors on the company premises. A highlight is the ride in a tethered balloon, which is hoisted up to 60 meters above the event with the help of a jumbo crane…

To the 1. October 2017 again decrease the price of district heating from GEOVOL. This is the fourth price reduction in a row.

In the spring, Walburga Henneberg had as 500. Customer signed a follow-up contract with GEOVOL. In keeping with its customer number 500, GEOVOL is giving new customers 500 euros off the connection price.

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