Schlossweihnacht 2018: vera tietze is the new adelsdorf christ child

The courage to slip into the demanding role of the Christ Child was shown by two young Adelsdorf girls. Also three angel aspirants had registered for the casting. All had come last Wednesday morning in the rooms of the Adelsdorfer castle to the Christkindcasting.

The two Christ Child candidates Vera Tietze (ten years old) and Aimie Forst (nine years old) had to read a story of their own choice, answer a few questions and recite the Christ Child prologue.

The future Christ Child should be self-confident and have a clear voice. Of course, it should also be able to speak and sing in front of many people. This, as well as appearance, confidence in appearance, grace and charm, but also speech and speech melody were evaluated by the jury. Also the future angels read stories or recited a poem.

"Last year I was an angel and since then I have the wish to be a Christ Child as well. I find it simply beautiful to pass on the contemplative, festive Christmas mood, to visit people like in the old people’s home but also in the kindergarten and elsewhere and to bring them a little bit of my own Christmas joy.", Vera reveals. Aimie also explained her motives: "I enjoy talking, I also like to play theater and I love costumes."

A difficult decision

Second Mayor Jutta Kohler (), Yvonne Windischmann from the Adelsdorf Castle Foundation and expert Christian Schmidt from the bookstore of the same name took their task as judges very seriously. After lengthy deliberation, the jurors revealed the secret: "The new Adelsdorf Christ Child is Vera Tietze. She fully met the requirements", said Jutta Kohler.

The Christ Child is accompanied by four little angels: Ronja Ullmer, Lina Knop, Sophia Landa and Aimie Forst. The Christkind will with a prologue the Adelsdorfer castle Christmas on Saturday, 1. Dec. at 6 p.m. and on Sunday, 2. December, open at 1 p.m., distribute gifts together with the angels and like to visit clubs and institutions during Advent.

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