Vacations in Sardinia – what was far away in the last months, is now finally possible again almost without restrictions. Sardinia is currently listed as a white zone. Counts among the areas with the lowest incidence of corona in Europe. Hotels, restaurants, stores, beaches and tourist attractions are open, and curfew is also lifted. The Entry to Sardinia continues to be regulated by regional and state laws to ensure a safe vacation.

Entry to Sardinia by ferry – Corona regulations season 2021

It is possible to enter Sardinia by ferry from Italy or also from France. The following is the most important information for holidaymakers arriving by car and ferry.

Sardinia ports are open?

All Ports of the island are open, and you can take the ferry to Olbia , Golfo Aranci , Porto Torres , Cagliari and Arbatax enter. Ferries will depart as usual from major mainland ports such as Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples. For all ports are Corona regulations and security checks on entry are foreseen.

Which ferry companies will sail to Sardinia in 2021?

This year the following shipping companies connect Sardinia with the mainland, Corsica and Sicily:

– Tirrenia – Moby – Sardinia Ferries – Grimaldi Lines – GNV

Which corona regulations apply on the ferry to Sardinia?

On the Ship as well as at the check in and check out the usual national rules apply. The following Regulations must be followed: – There is Mask requirement
– The minimum distance of 1-2 meters must be respected – Temperature control at check-in – the temperature must not be higher than 37.5 degrees, otherwise you can not go on board – Frequent hand washing is recommended For a safe journey on board, these rules apply throughout the public area of the ferries. In addition, contactless payment and food from the restaurant can be taken as take-away for the cabin. After each crossing, all areas of the ship are thoroughly disinfected.

Flights Sardinia season 2021 – Corona rules

Airlines have also provided regulations to ensure a safe Air travel to Sardinia such as a limited capacity of usable seats on the plane and hygiene rules.

Are all airports open in Sardinia?

The Sardinian airports , Cagliari , Olbia and Alghero , are open and this year they will be approached both nationally and internationally

Which airlines fly to Sardinia in 2021?

Numerous airlines connect Sardinia with Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as with Italian and other European airports:

– Lufthansa – Eurowings – Condor – Edelweiss – Luxair – Volotea – Ryanair – Easyjet – Alitalia

What are the Corona rules at the airport in Sardinia and on the plane??

The Regulations for flights Are similar to the rules for ferries. Only travelers are allowed to enter the terminals and Temperature checks are made. The minimum distance of 1-2 meters must be maintained throughout the airport and masks are mandatory. Also on board of the airplane must be at any time Mouth-nose protection be carried. Further regulations may vary from airline to airline. In general, you should avoid leaving your place unless absolutely necessary.

Entry to Sardinia – Corona regulations 2021 and regional norms

The Region Sardinia has a number of Measures set for the 2021 season, in order to provide all Sardinia vacationers with the safest vacation possible.

Is it possible to enter Sardinia from Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

Yes, the entry with the Gund ' Tourism ' is in Italy in the meantime again from all EU states and Switzerland without quarantine obligation allowed. Also from the other Italian regions there are currently no entry restrictions to Sardinia.

What documents are required for entry?

Apart from the usual travel documents such as passport or ID card and airline or ferry ticket, the following must be presented: – Copy of the timely Registration about the dPLF- online form for entry to Italy

General to the Entry to Italy one of the following options is required: – Proof of complete vaccination having taken place – Proof of first vaccination having taken place at least 15 days before departure – Proof of recovery from SARS-COV-2 infection – Negative PCR or antigen test taken within a maximum of 48 hours before departure Also, a Self-declaration g to the reason for travel be required. Make up the test within 48 hours. To comply with a quarantine obligation of 10 days.

Is an entry to Sardinia with the Green Pass possible?

From the 1. July is the Green Pass valid throughout Europe, in digital format or in paper format with QR code. The Region Sardinia has already tested its own Green Pass in May, which after vaccination entitles access to weddings or other celebrations.

From the 6. August apply throughout Italy new Rules , which allow some activities only with the Green Pass, such as visiting cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and gyms, and eating at tables inside restaurants.

Is Sardinia Covid-free?

Sardinia is one of the regions in Europe that have been on the European list since the end of May Risk list as white zone be classified with an incidence value of less than 50. Also within Italy, Sardinia was one of the first regions to achieve the status of white zone this summer. How the numbers will develop further depends strongly on the months of July and August, which are high season in Sardinia.

Sardinia vacation with children – Which Corona regulations apply to children in Sardinia?

During the Entry must Children generally present the same documents and certificates as adults, only infants under 2 years of age are exempt. From the general Mask duty are exempt children under 6 years.

Sardegna Sicura – Online registration with the entry app of Sardinia

Already since 2020, Sardinia had the obligation to register before entering the digital via the app and website ' Sardegna Sicura ' to register . This was until the 15. June mandatory for all Sardinia travelers. Since the 16. June, registration on the Sardinia regional portal is no longer required – but via the Italian dPLF – Form .

How did the digital registration work for Sardinia?

The Online registration is generally quick and easy. On the Sardegna Sicura Portal had to be filled in registration form some questions about the travel data have to be answered, in the next step you will receive after successful registration the Copy . Corona registration can be done via PC, tablet or smartphone. A German language version is available. Entry form dPLF for Italy. Thus also Sardinia).

When must the digital registration form be completed?

The Form must be filled out before the start of the trip. The copy must then be sent to the Check In be presented at the airport or port.

Where to find the Corona registration form for Sardinia?

The digital entry form for sardines is on the Website of the region Sardinia linked. Alternatively you can also use App 'Sardegna Sicura download to his smartphone.

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