Promotional items with laser engraving

Promotional items with laser engraving

With laser engraving, objects are inscribed with an intense laser beam. Here, no color is applied to the object (as in laser printing), but the material itself is changed. This makes the result very durable, wash and smudge resistant and very suitable for promotional items.

Materials and applications

In fact, laser engraving can be performed on almost any material, be it paper, leather or wood, plastics, metals, marble or glass materials. The laser beam triggers different reactions depending on the material. With organic materials such as wood, paper or leather a branding is set, with plastics this can happen similarly, or a color change takes place on special materials, which considerably extends the variants. This can be found, for example, on computer keyboards. Plexiglas can also be lasered, due to its special properties it is possible to apply engravings that shine in an otherwise transparent plate. The paint can be removed from coated objects by the laser beam, a method used by the automotive industry for controls that are illuminated from the inside. The industry generally likes to use the method for marking. On metals a tarnish inscription can be realized very well with laser, glass can be lasered on the surface and also inside. This is done with pulsed lasers, these engravings are very durable and are therefore also used as a tamper-proof marking. When engraving the inside of glass, the laser beam is focused inside, only there it reaches the necessary field strength for absorption, the material heats up locally very strongly and changes its structure, so that the laser engraving is created inside. This is also possible in three dimensions. For this reason, promotional items with laser engraving often have a particularly high-quality effect.

Promotional items with laser engraving

The process can be used to produce very individual promotional items that create a completely new emotional appeal. The process can also be used for individual items due to modern control techniques. As materials Plexi or acrylic glass, painted metals, plastics on laminate basis, anodized aluminum, all kinds of glasses and stones, textiles, woods and optoplastics are gladly used, also rubber, paper or cardboard, even brass, silver or titanium. As a customer, you can also suggest your own material, there are hardly any restrictions. Laser engraving is not only scratch resistant and insensitive to temperatures, it also resists strong bases and acids and organic solvents. Gift ideas and promotional items are for example wooden bottle boxes, which are individually laser engraved, packaging for Christmas gifts with a laser engraving on wood or leather or laser engraved glasses. Here every imaginable design possibility is feasible, images and texts can be laser engraved in different colors, the promotional items are individual and unique. Laser engraving on metal makes possible fancy invitations, which include texts cut on contour, even with the smallest decorations and fancy shapes. Very original promotional items are laser engraved fruits that are personalized. The recipient receives an apple with his name lasered on it. Christmas baubles are certainly a classic, but laser engraving can also be used on LED lighting systems.


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Information: Laser engraving on promotional items as opposed to laser printing International Information Service. Compare and save money.

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