Neustadt bei coburg: big station for jurgen w. Heike

Neustadt bei coburg: big station for jurgen W. Heike

Jurgen W. Heike can be quite stubborn. When he feels he has to stand up for something, it’s hard to stop him – especially when it’s something in "his" area neustadt goes. But on saturday morning he almost went one step too far. He really wanted to go to the multipurpose hall of the school on heubischer strabe. There, the collectors and stamp friends of neustadt opened the borderland exchange days, and heike had taken over the patronage. But at the same time, they were waiting in the "lindenhof" in ketschenbach around 300 guests, the heike to 70. wanted to congratulate. "Our mother was finally able to convince him that it was more important to get to lindenhof on time", later reported son dominik, who had unceremoniously gone to the exchange days himself and represented his father there.

cheese, beer and a cruise

This little anecdote was symptomatic of jurgen W in more ways than one. Heike. For example, it showed that he likes to do things consistently – on his word, even if it’s a "yes" to one of umpteen patronages, shall be relied upon. Moreover, the intervention of dominik underlined that the family of jurgen W. Heike sticks closely together – be it in politically turbulent times, in periods of difficult health, or even on exchange days. But the anecdote showed above all that, in case of doubt, there is only one person who can stand up to this "stubborn" man arrives: his wife gisela, called gissi.

So it came to pass that jurgen W. Heike at the "lindenhof" on saturday morning on time after all was allowed to shake countless hands. The many different gifts he received also told a story. There were several very down-to-earth items such as beer, wine, sausage cans and cheese baskets. Many had also followed the jubilarian’s wish and had brought an obolus for the next cruise, which jurgen and his gissi are already planning. Norbert scholz, chairman of the bayern fan club red residenz, presented a bayern jersey with "jurgen" printed on it and the number "70. SPD district chairman carsten hollein, who is also district manager of the arbeiterwohlfahrt (awo), presented a red awo umbrella and declared: "we don’t leave any pensioner standing in the rain!"

For his speech, jurgen W. Heike actually prepared a 14-page manuscript. But he deviated almost completely from this and talked almost freely. He repeatedly emphasized how pleased he was that so many "friends and companions" had come to see him had come. The way he thanked his wife, their three children saskia, dominik and julian and their partners was very moving.

"We miss you!"

the round of the many greeting speakers was opened by gunter benning on behalf of the CSU district association. "You can always rely on jurgen", praised benning. Bavaria’s health minister melanie huml (CSU) expressed her thanks in very personal words for everything jurgen W. Heike has done for her – among other things, she got a lot of help from Heike in her early days in munich. Alexander Konig said on behalf of the CSU parliamentary group: "You not only left your mark on the Coburg region, you were also a very dear and knowledgeable colleague – we miss you!"

Because in the "lindenhof no piano, pianist hans-dieter bauer had to limit himself to a verbal birthday serenade.

Dominik heike also thanked on behalf of his brothers and sisters for the "valuables, the jurgen W. Heike gave them. Finally, as a surprise of the day, two special congratulations were played: on the one hand, bavarian prime minister markus soder (CSU) congratulated Heike by video message, and on the other hand, the new coburg district administrator sebastian straubel (CSU), who is one of Heike’s political foster sons.

Two female ministers and a former president

Guest list it is not every day that the neustadt district of ketschenbach sees such a crowd of celebrities! For the reception on the occasion of the 70th birthday of. Birthday of jurgen W. Heike was attended by three members of the current Bavarian cabinet: Health Minister Melanie Huml, Family Minister Kerstin Schreyer and State Secretary of the Interior Gerhard Eck (all CSU). heike was particularly proud of the visit by the former president of the bavarian state parliament, barbara stamm (CSU). Former state secretary willi muller and european member of parliament monika hohlmeier also congratulated the winners. From the home fields were sighted – among others -: the two members of the state parliament martin mittag (CSU) and michael busch (SPD), numerous mayors (including coburg’s second mayor birgit weber, neustadt’s third mayor martin stingl and seblach’s new head of the town hall maximilian neeb), many district and city councillors, IHK president friedrich herdan and HUK board spokesman klaus-jurgen heitmann. At least as much as about these "celebrities" jurgen W was pleased. Heike was also visibly pleased by the numerous delegations from clubs, the fire department and the police. and: almost the entire munich office staff from heike’s time as state secretary in the bavarian ministry of social affairs had come.

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