Music in a motorcycle helmet

Music in a motorcycle helmet

Listening to music on the road – modern technologies make it possible to listen to your favorite tunes at your leisure, even while riding a motorcycle. But what does the law say if you have headphones and microphones integrated in your helmet and turn up the volume control?

According to the Highway Code, all road users must behave in such a way that neither their vision nor their hearing z.B. Are affected by technical devices or other accessories. However, this is exactly the case most of the time when melodies and basses are blasting from your headphones into your ears while riding a motorcycle. As soon as the music starts, ambient noise such as horns, sirens or warning signals at railroad crossings are suppressed.

It is therefore generally advisable to turn down the music while driving. However, the use of headphones or headsets is not generally prohibited. For example, it is permitted to use a headset to make phone calls while driving a car. Likewise, bikers have the opportunity to communicate with each other in this way. Among other things, this is advantageous if you are traveling in a group, want to reach a common goal and want to talk to each other in between for this purpose.

Headphones while riding a motorcycle are not prohibited per se

According to a study by the German Road Safety Council (DVR), every second pedestrian between the ages of 15 and 34 uses headphones. Half of the cyclists on German roads also like listening to music with headsets while cycling. Whether you're walking down the street, biking or cruising on your bike, scientific evidence shows that music from headphones either muffles or completely drowns out traffic noise. In the worst case scenario, an approaching bus is hardly noticed. The noise of the streetcar also no longer penetrates completely into the auditory canals. In fact, it can have dire consequences if you don't want to do without your headphones while on the road:

In a nutshell, this means

– Loud melodies and bass drown out traffic noises of various kinds.
– As soon as two different volume frequencies are close to each other, the quieter sounds are barely audible or audible at all. No longer audible.
– Loud music from headphones often contributes to the fact that a person almost involuntarily withdraws into a world of their own when listening to it. As a result, attention wanes and what is happening in the environment is no longer fully perceived.
– When listening to music via headsets in traffic, the reaction time usually slows down automatically. As a result, you would usually no longer be able to get out of the way of sudden obstacles in time.

Headphones for motorcyclists

You may wear headphones while riding a motorcycle. However, if an accident occurs because the loud music is causing you z.B. Could not brake or could not brake in time, this can have an effect on the questions of guilt and u.U. Lead to the fact that if necessary. A partial blame is awarded. In addition, it is possible that your motorcycle insurance will reduce its benefits.

If you do not hear signals from the police, fire department or ambulance due to the loud music, a fine will be due. Tip: Studies have shown that shell headphones in particular, as well as in-ear headphones – these are fitted with a cushion and are inserted into the ears – are particularly risky. A more sound-permeable variant, and thus more recommendable for bikers, are half in-ear earphones. They can be placed loosely in the ear cup. Allow a higher proportion of ambient noise to pass through.

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