Kulmbach hospital: modules create more space

Since yesterday, another interim building has been under construction at the kulmbach clinical center. The bed building, which like the first is modular, has been rented by the institution for the duration of five years. "The building will be demolished as soon as the current expansion is completed", says managing director brigitte angermann.

It was originally planned to manage during the construction period with the one transitional building in front of the main entrance, which was already in operation in march 2017 and was also erected in a few months. 90 beds and function rooms are housed in this building. "The plan was to make up for the beds that were lost due to the new south building. The 90 beds in the first interim building were no longer sufficient due to the further increase in occupancy at our hospital."

Space for 68 additional beds

A further interim building, which can then also be used during the still outstanding second construction phase, was the solution chosen by those responsible at the hospital. 68 additional patient beds will be provided on two new wards there. This additional interim building will cost around 2.5 million euros.

Four weeks ago, construction of the foundations for the bed wing behind the main building began. The temporary parking lot had to be abandoned for this purpose. Since yesterday, a number of heavy goods vehicles have been driving to the hospital. Each of the vehicles is loaded with a pre-installed building component, which is hoisted to its destination by crane.

During the coming days, traffic obstructions are to be expected in the area of the clinic due to the delivery and assembly of the modules. As soon as all the parts are in place, workmen will immediately begin with the final interior work. Already on 5. The handover is scheduled for December. the 68 beds are then to be used immediately afterwards, says brigitte angermann about the further process.

The entire project will cost around 150 million euros and include two extensions, one to the south and one to the west. The total cost of the southern extension, which is now under construction, is estimated at around 46 million euros. The state of Bavaria is funding this part of the project to the tune of around 34 million euros. The difference will be made up by the hospital from its own funds. The construction project is within budget.

The south extension is primarily a five-story bed building that is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2019. This will enable the hospital to implement part of the 90 additional beds already approved in 2017. 540 beds will be available at the hospital after completion of the second construction phase. Two-bed rooms will be standard in the future.

Deconstruction of the first building

When the new south building is completed in the fall of 2019, the first interim building, which currently stands on the forecourt of the hospital, will be demolished again. Construction work will then begin on the new west building, which will be about twice as large as the section now underway. Around 84 million euros have been budgeted for this part of the expansion, and 59 million euros in funding from the state of Bavaria has already been promised.

As part of the second construction phase, the so-called north building, which currently houses the entrance hall and the intermediate care ward, will also be thoroughly renovated. Three to four years of construction time are planned for this.

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