Kia sportage performance show the plastics industry

Kia has slightly revised its best-selling Sportage. Not much has changed in terms of design, but there is a new engine. But the only emission standard is Euro5.

Decent is actually grossly understated for the overhaul that Kia to its bestseller Sportage. Only at a second or third glance do the minimal external differences compared to the predecessor become apparent. The radiator grille now has a chrome frame. The standard alloy wheels have been given a new design. In addition, the taillights now shine in LED technology, and the roof antenna has a shark fin design.

Not much, but why change a successful shape, thought the Kia creatives and gave the compact SUV a revamped interior with soft-touch surfaces, a new layout of the instrument collection including a 4.2-inch TFT LCD display complete with rearview camera (from Spirit equipment level). Indirect lighting also creates a pleasant atmosphere when driving at night.

Lots of hard plastic in the interior

The six-speaker audio system and the new Infinity premium sound system, which is fitted as standard in the Spirit trim level, also help to reduce noise levels. In winter, Kia drivers will be pleased with a heated steering wheel (standard from Spirit). A parking heater with remote control, available at extra cost, is something to look forward to. However, the design of the interior looks like a performance show of the plastics industry – the materials range from solid hard plastic to haptically pleasant variations.

Kia sportage performance show the plastics industry

Under the hood, a new two-liter gasoline engine with direct injection complements the otherwise unchanged powertrain lineup. The power of the engine is 122 kW/166 hp, the torque comes to 205 Nm at 4000 rpm. Enough to get the Sportage up to speed pleasantly, especially since the noise level is also kept within limits. Depending on the version, the Sportage reaches a maximum of 196 km/h. Like the other engines, the new two-liter has to make do with a 58-liter tank, so that the range is manageable with a standard consumption of 7.8 liters. The corresponding CO2 emissions is 182 grams per kilometer.

Engines only Euro 5

Kia sportage performance show the plastics industry

In addition, the engines only comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard. In this area, Kia still expects a lot of development work to meet the Euro 6, which will be in effect from September. Thanks to a new windshield including improved composite film, the noise level in the interior has been significantly reduced. Modifications to the powertrain also contribute to the new acoustic appearance. Kia engineers found a new arrangement of drive shafts for the Sportage. A transmission mount with increased rigidity. From a speed of 130 km/h, the Sportage also has to give in to wind noise again, but it's not overly annoying.

The chassis sometimes shows too much of its comfortable side. No wonder, after all, the Sportage is particularly successful on the US market, and American chauffeurs like things to be comfortable. The compact SUV is far from being a sedan, however. The driver receives feedback about the road conditions and can react accordingly. The Sportage doesn't let itself get rattled even by nasty transverse grooves.

Engineers have integrated anti-skid protection for towing into the ESC electronic stability program. Electronic assistance intervenes whenever the trailer threatens to go its own way and brings the vehicle back on track.

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