Instructions in 7 steps

Instructions in 7 steps

Decay of plastic is irreversibleOne thing in advance: plastic is never made to last forever. When it ages, it loses its plasticizers and the chemical composition changes. This can cause yellowing that is impossible to remove.

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That is why you should first try to see if the yellowish layer is only on the surface, or if the discoloration is due to the material itself. Test on a limited area to see if you can make a difference with vinegar, citric acid, dirt eraser or plastic cleaner.

If not, unfortunately, you will have to think about disposing of your plastic product. Don't forget: Aged plastic also comes with an increased risk of breakage, which could be especially dangerous for furniture.

Instructions: how to clean your yellowed plastic

– Plastic cleaner – or: baking soda / citric acid / vinegar essence – Dirt eraser – Lukewarm water – Care oil for plastic

– bucket – microfiber cloth – evtl. Covering foil – evtl. Washing bowl – rubber gloves

1. Prepare cleaning

If it is a matter of yellowed sockets and light switches made of plastic that need to be cleaned, then you should first turn off the power. Then disassemble the plastic parts. For other objects, first wash off the coarse dirt.

2. Try out the effect

Try your cleaning agent in a hidden place to make sure you don't do any damage. Sometimes the surface gloss disappears together with the yellowing, this should not happen, of course.

3. Cover the surrounding area

Cover the surrounding area well, if you now use their cleaning agent large area. Put possibly cover foil or, which you can dispose afterwards. For small parts provide a bowl at the sink.

4. Clean yellowed plastic

Now it is time for the actual cleaning work. It is best to put on gloves for this purpose. Apply your cleaning agent carefully to the surface. For this purpose, dilute citric acid, vinegar essence and sodium bicarbonate with water.

5. Now rinse everything properly. Inspect the result. If the cleaning effect is still not enough, give your yellowed plastic another round.

6. Rinse and dry

Finally, rinse the detergent from the surface with clean water. Then dry your plastic object.

7. Dirt eraser for stubborn stains

If there are still stubborn stains left on the formerly yellowed plastic, then clean them with a dirt eraser after. Take care, however, that you do not possibly dull a shiny surface in the process.

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