Imf warns of slowdown in economic recovery

IMF warns of slowdown in economic recovery

the international monetary fund (imf) has expressed skepticism about the development of the global economy in view of the second wave of corona infections.

With tougher measures to contain the pandemic, the ongoing recovery in economic output following the corona slump in the spring could lose momentum, IMF experts warned in a report released in washington on thursday. "the uncertainties and risks are exceptionally high," they said.

Progress has been made in the development of corona vaccines, said the paper, which was submitted ahead of an online meeting of the leading industrialized nations (G20) this weekend. In the course of the crisis, however, the IMF experts believe that price developments on the financial markets have become decoupled from the real economy. This poses a "potential threat to financial stability". Among other things, the financial markets had reacted to progress in the development of corona vaccines in recent trading days with in some cases strong price gains.

The IMF called on governments and central banks not to let up in the fight against the economic consequences of the corona crisis. In europe, negotiations are underway on a multi-billion euro eu aid package, which is currently being blocked by the eu states of hungary and poland. In addition, there have recently been several signals from the european central bank to further ease monetary policy at the december interest rate meeting to support the economy.

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