How pfaffenhausen wants to celebrate the town anniversary

Some dedicated farms are already listed in the local plan of the festivities committee. "It would be nice if more farms opened up in our village", wished local representative Karl-Heinz luck at a meeting of the festival organizers with the residents.

Visitors will be able to see old crafts and historic rural life in the courtyards. You will learn how baskets were woven and brandy was distilled. Visitors can also look over the shoulders of a stonemason, a butcher and washerwomen. Insights are also provided by shepherd Bonifaz Scherpf and an apiary. If the weather permits, there will also be a "Schaudreschen" with old machines.
A historic schoolroom will bring back memories of childhood for older residents. A registry office will also be set up as it was in the past. Exhibitions with pictures from the village history and with historical objects complement the retrospective of time. Guided tours are available both in the village church St. Leonhard as well as on the Jewish cemetery provided. A marquee will be erected at the junction of Pfaffenhausener Strasse and Von-Hutten-Strasse. Another marquee should stand at the sports field.

The Army Music Corps 12 from Veitshochheim will probably play there as part of the SaaleMusicum. There will of course also be music from the local band and from friendly music societies. Folk dancers will also show their performances. On the opposite edge of the sports field, the German Armed Forces display army vehicles and equipment. Soldiers build a pioneer bridge across the Franconian Saale for demonstration purposes.

Gluck asked residents for further suggestions for activities. "How about sketches or a small theater performance??", suggested parish council chairwoman Anneliese Klees. Another idea from the 50 or so residents gathered was to show how felt hats are made and to invite a milliner to Pfaffenhausen.

"Scythes, inn singing and wood sawing with the historic band saw", were further suggestions. Luck was thereby safe that sufficient freiwillige aids for the ceremonies will be available.

Michaela Dabitsch, head of the Red Cross emergency service, pointed out the critical traffic situation in the narrow village thoroughfare, if it were to become blocked up and the rescue vehicles would not have enough space. The festivities committee agreed that parking spaces outside the town and shuttle services would be a remedy. In addition, the participants considered whether additional tours with a Trabi or motorcycle can be offered.

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