Hotel offers kuriosen service with the car into the room

In a Frankfurt hotel, guests can drive their car to their room. A residential building in Berlin served as a model.

Frankfurt – Some Germans have a very special relationship with their cars. Instead of going to the car wash, they only wash their cars by hand – at least once a week, of course, and preferably in their own driveway. Often it goes then also with the car into the vacation, where this on the hotel parking bay or in the underground parking bay dust settles. But it doesn't have to be that way, because one hotel in Frankfurt offers a special service and allows guests to take their car with them to their room.

This curious idea has been implemented at the b'mine Hotel in Gateways Gardens directly at Frankfurt Airport. Via a special elevator, visitors can drive their car directly in front of the hotel room onto the associated terrace. "The idea is to have my car right there with me," says hotel manager Andreas Spitzner.

Hotel offers kuriosen service with the car into the room

Hotel offers a curious service: Bringing your car into the room

A residential building in Berlin served as a model for the "car loft" rooms, where residents can already take their cars with them into their own apartments. So now the concept is being transferred to a hotel. In addition to the location in Frankfurt, the offer will also be available in Düsseldorf. The opening is planned for this year.

And apparently the concept of b'mine hits a nerve. The resonance is large, since such a room offers several advantages at the same time. For car lovers, the focus is probably on the safety aspect, as they can always keep an eye on their vehicle thanks to the large glass pane – but it also obscures the spectacular view of the airport tarmac.

Hotel offers curious service: all cars are welcome

In addition, the heavy luggage no longer has to be dragged through the entire hotel. "And if I, as a guest, don't want to have contact with other people, I don't have to go to the reception or walk through the hotel," Spitzner emphasizes. Check-in is conveniently done via the hotel's app. The access data for the lift, which only stops at their own room, is then conveniently sent to their smartphone.

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The only question is whether such a concept is still up to date in the age of the traffic turnaround. "I always like to compare cars to horses; after all, they were originally a means of mass transportation, and when they were slowly phased out, the hobby began," says mobility expert Andreas Knie of Berlin's Social Science Research Center. However, the expert does not see a future for them in the long term, even if the number of cars in Germany is still rising. "For cars as we know them today, the credits are rolling."

The "Auto Hotel", however, sees things differently, as Spitzner makes clear: "I think that in the age of mobility, the car is indispensable." However, it is also necessary to prepare for the future of mobility, accordingly, there are also charging stations for electric cars in all 40 "Car-Loft" rooms. "All cars are welcome at our car lofts," says the hotel director.

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