Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Most car owners are happy to have the mastered the basics of their and therefore do not explore it further. They fear that in their search damage something could and therefore limit themselves to the buttons and switches, they know. Since the car by the signs of wear, which are unavoidable in the course of time, must be driven already often enough in the workshop, the owners avoid further financial expenses.

The driving schools can not show their students of course all the extras, so that many people miss some useful or funny functions, which do not contribute much to safety, but to comfort.

1. The magic seats of Honda

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

The owners of a Honda Jazz will consider buying their car first because of the design or the low consumption have considered. But when the salesmen showed them the "magic seats", their mouths will have been open.

The interior of the newer Honda models can be customized, as the seats have extremely adjustable are. For example, the rear seats can be folded up like in a movie theater, so that new storage space is created. This feature is not only convenient for parents of large families, who often have more abundant shopping, but also for relatives of disabled or chronically ill people, can easily stow their wheelchair.

2. Subaru's cars keep an eye on the traffic lights

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Impatient drivers almost bite their steering wheel when they stop at a have to stop at traffic lights for a few seconds or minutes. They often transfer their impatience to their fellow passengers, whereupon the mood becomes more and more tense after several waiting periods, to then culminate in a groundless quarrel.

To prevent this danger, integrated Subaru a driving assistant into their cars, which give the drivers an acoustic signal to understand, that the traffic light changes. So the passengers can save their waiting time drive them away with other activities. The driving aid can still reduce the speed of the car, when collision with another vehicle is imminent.

3. The signpost for the fuel cap

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

People whose jobs often require them to borrowed cars When driving through a gas station, the driver is often overcome by the a queasy feeling. On which side was the fuel cap? They hope when they approach the pillar that they have guessed correctly, because it is very embarrassing to be at a full gas station the tap must change or in the worst case has to turn completely once again.

Most drivers, when looking at their Fuel gauge the arrow next to the small fuel symbol, that the owners are reminded, on which side the lid is to be found. With this knowledge the next visit to the gas station attendant can come.

4. BMW's brakes defy the wet weather

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Some road signs alert drivers to the change in speed control, which should be observed in the event of precipitation. The wet ground deteriorates the performance of the brakes, so that rear-end collisions are pre-programmed. Many people therefore also drive very reluctant to drive in the rain or snow.

The German car manufacturer BMW took on this fear and developed brakes, which are aimed at these react to lane obstructions. Sensors deduce from the movements of the windshield wipers that it is raining or snowing and ensure that the brake pads move closer to the rotors. This measure ensures that the blocks remain dry and optimum braking performance is ensured.

5. Play of colors under the hood

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Most drivers throw only occasionally take a look under their hood, because they can't make sense of the construction of the interior anyway. For them, it is enough if the interior is checked in the workshop from time to time.

The car manufacturers know of course, that not every car owner is also a mechanic. To help them deal with it, they have the holders for this reason the spots marked t that they can keep an eye on themselves. This is enormously important because, for example, the oil level must be checked regularly, in order to be able in the long run to prevent an engine failure and thus a financial fiasco

6. Hidden hooks

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Although the trunk has enough space offers for all items, many people like to have their bags during the ride to the hand. They have deposited medicines, water or valuables there. However, on longer journeys it can be annoying, to feel the additional weight on the thighs or between legs.

The occupants overlook the fact that the solution is hiding right in front of them. If they headrests of the driver and front passenger seats they would be able to small hooks notice, to which they can hang their bags. This useful attachment can also be above the side windows find, where they are mostly skillfully ignored.

7. Mercedes declares war on microsleep

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Longer journeys can be difficult even for hardy drivers to a Ordeal become. The worst thing for people to do, who are traveling alone and thus have no one to talk to. Even longer breaks and a lot of caffeine can then not always protect those affected from it, to nod off while driving.

Mercedes is one of a number of car manufacturers that protect their customers from the consequences of this short nap want to protect. The developed warning system lets for example vibrate the steering wheel, if it notices that the car is threatening, to get off the road. It then also supports the driver when returning to the correct lane.

8. The extra compartment for the umbrella

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

When it comes to stowing their belongings, most drivers naturally think first of all to the trunk. It provides the most space and ensures that the occupants enough legroom have at their disposal.

However, when it rains outside, many people regret, that they only walk around the car need to get their umbrella out of the trunk. By the time they finally have the right protection in their hands, they often no longer need it, because they are already soaked. For this purpose, car manufacturers such as Rolls Royce a small compartment built into the driver's door, to be To be able to get out of the car dry.

9. Nissan's tire pressure monitoring

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

If the tire pressure also only a few percentage points falls below the recommended minimum, the braking distance can significantly increase. Furthermore, these tires wear out faster because the rolling resistance of the vehicle increases. In the long run, this carelessness can go really in the money.

Car manufacturers like Nissan have therefore already several years ago an indicator have a device installed in their cars that indicates to the drivers, that the tire pressure is too low. The Japanese developers have even provided, for the horn to sound, when the ideal air pressure was reached during inflation. In addition, a signal lights up when in one of the tires too much air included, which should be better drained.

10. Neck warmer for the hot season

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

Convertible drivers love to drive on warm days with the top down to drive through the area and thereby to feel the fresh driving wind. Due to this cooling down the hot temperatures ignore for a few minutes or hours, which otherwise make it a torture to stay in a hot car.

Why then would the developers at BMW build neck warmers into their convertibles? Does this not contradict the core idea of this vehicle? The car manufacturer would like to reduce the risk of his customers catching cold, now that they no longer have exposed to this cold draught which also manifests itself in the neck. The neck warmers also promote blood circulation in this region, so that tensions are loosened.

11. A trunk that won't leave you out in the rain

Hidden functions on the car, the hardly a man knows

It is already annoying enough when the weather during the shopping turns over, so that the way to the car is now more like a visit to the White water park resembles. In addition, you will then be soaking wet in front of the locked trunk stands and cannot unlock it immediately because of the loaded bags. By the time everything is finally stowed away, one's own clothes completely soaked.

About such situations can owners of a Hyundai's only laugh in the future. The sensor in their car will detect the signal in the ignition key, which the owners keep in their trouser pocket carry and open the trunk, when approaching the trunk.

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