Group of the arrach fire brigade masters historical performance test

Group of the arrach fire brigade masters historical performance test

Two different achievement badges of the same group one after the other on one day – that has never happened before! A group of the Arrach fire department mastered this challenge brilliantly last Saturday. Knowingly as the first fire department in the KBI area. Also far beyond. The idea for the difficult undertaking of completing both performance badges in one day came from instructor Simon Pfeffer, who prepared the exam participants intensively over the past three weeks. The main difficulty in this particular constellation was not to confuse the procedures and commands of the two badges.

Started with the performance test "the group in the assistance operation. As both technological advances and tactical innovations have changed traffic accident rescue, technical assistance (THL) was created more than 20 years ago. The "technical assistance test" serves to deepen knowledge. Preservation of the knowledge with technical assistance with the emphasis "employment with a traffic accident. Here the participants had 240 seconds time, in order to free a person from a passenger car, who had been in an accident and was trapped, but who was responsive. An essential factor in serious traffic accidents is the safe handling of the hydraulic rescue equipment. In addition, the previously drawn squads had to complete additional tasks together, finding tools and equipment in the fire truck, explaining them in detail as well as setting them up. As referees, district fire chief Konrad Kellner, district youth officer Tobias Aschenbrenner and district fire chief Michael Stahl supervised the correct conduct of the test. The group was able to successfully complete the test within the specified time and without any errors, which all three referees were able to certify with satisfaction during the debriefing.

Afterwards one went over temporally smoothly to the achievement examination "the group in the extinguishing employment" in the variant III with respiratory protection. This included the complete setup of a firefighting attack with heavy breathing protection. The coupling of a suction line with four suction hoses with subsequent dry suction test. Furthermore, knots and stitches had to be completed in a given time and (depending on the drawn function resp. Level of the performance test) questionnaires have to be filled in, dangerous goods and information signs have to be described and questions have to be answered. Assumed was here a room fire without humans and animals in danger, which it applies to extinguish for the group. Here, participants had 300 seconds to set up the firefighting attack. Again, the referee team was able to confirm an error-free performance both in terms of time and structure.

During the subsequent debriefing and presentation of the badges, KBM Konrad Kellner praised the participants for their zero-fault performance in both performance tests. The fire department Arrach stands for a lot of experience in operations as well as in badges and is exemplary for the whole KBI area. Kellner wished that the Arrach fire brigade would continue to actively participate in the performance tests and also actively involve the next generation of fire fighters. District youth manager Tobias Aschenbrenner was looking forward to a home game as a referee. Emphasized the excellent performance in both set-up and additional tasks. Particularly proud of the successful completion of the two badges was due to his home affinity district fire chief Michael Stahl. He is always pleased when his home fire department is successful in performance badges, particularly in this difficult constellation. Deputy Commander Armin Stahl proudly joined the previous speakers and invited all participants and referees afterwards to a snack in the fire station. Mayor Gerhard Mühlbauer congratulated all participants on successfully passing the test and emphasized that performance tests are always an exercise for future emergencies. Mühlbauer saw himself confirmed again that he can rely on "his" fire department in all cases.

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