Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

With fans of Rockstar Games clamoring for the next heavy motor vehicle theft title (and also waiting for more news on GTA 6), many fans have revisited previous games to scratch the itch. Whether it's playing the missions or exploring the city, there's plenty to do in the GTA world. Some gamers, however, prefer to go in search of Easter eggs.

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Not surprisingly, users discover hidden details scattered throughout the series, adding another layer of intrigue to the stories and gameplay. Others find funny Easter eggs that can make any player laugh. Anyway, it's hard to deny that there's a lot of fun to be had in these legendary Rockstar games, just scouring San Andreas and Los Santos for secret messages and events.

Many players go to GTA robbing banks and stealing cars, but not all of them. H4ckerxx44 was simply exploring the waters of Grand Theft Auto V when they discovered giant bones in the middle of the ocean. "This skeleton is already a well-known Easter egg that can be found in some places on the ocean floor," says the editor. "I was just stunned that I found it where I found it."

It's a good place to be because players wonder what else might be hiding under the depths and how many other Easter eggs might have been missed just because most players don't spend their time exploring the water.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

Another layer that gives the games a sense of real reality is the intelligence of the non-player characters. As felixrammer discovers, salespeople act in the presence of an armed robber appropriate Grand Theft Auto V.

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"If you rob a store with a gun that has no ammo, the owner won't notice you're out of ammo until you pull the trigger," reported the editor. "He'll then pull out a gun and start shooting because he's not afraid anymore."This mechanic allows users to bluff when they run out of ammunition, while forcing them to risk detection if they are forced to pull the trigger. It's a great gameplay decision that really helps immerse users.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

For users who want more than just gunplay, there is an additional level in the game that may offer what they are looking for. Redditor PapaXan discovered that users actually have the ability to turn into Bigfoot by eating a peyote plant at a very specific time at the base of Mount Chiliad. It is one of many hidden secrets of Mount Chiliad.

"The interactions with the Bigfoot are very limited," PapaXan says. "You can't drive or enter buildings, but you can swim, use dropped weapons/ammunition and wreak havoc undisturbed."Users also get increased health and strength. It's a bit of an odd choice for a game that focuses on emulating criminal behavior, but it's a cool element for users who might want to be more than just a gangster.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

For those who are more interested in science fiction than fantasy, many players have reported the existence of various UFOs hidden in GTA V. One Reddit user, blunt are best, provided an example of a sunken flying saucer off the coast of Paleto Bay. Nevertheless, there were more hidden secrets that they discovered, which can only be discovered after the game is completed.

"You can see UFOs in 3 different places: one hovering over the hippie camp at Sandy Shores, an advanced one hovering over the military base, and one over Chiliad that looks like a hologram and doesn't appear until 3 a.M. In the rain." They claim. This added element is exceptional because it points to an underlying plot of the story that has not yet been discovered. An abandoned GTA V story mode DLC perhaps? Or maybe just another Easter egg for the fans to enjoy. In any case, these are extraordinary finds and iconic for GTA V.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

A key part of the GTA V online experience is pulling off bank heists with friends. While some require a lot more work, others have proven to be quite simple – especially for Reddit user nauticalbobder who discovered a way into a bank vault near the movie theater.

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"Nothing seemed interactive," the editor said, "but there are security cameras that can be shot down, lots of computers, keyboard/security points, and an elevator that seems to go up and down from the vault level." It's a fun element that adds another layer to an already very detailed game. It also adds another element to role-playing when players can actually enter the vault of the bank they robbed.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

However, GTA V is not the only game with funny little details. While playing Grand Theft Auto IVReddit user 1moe7 discovered a hidden secret in Brucie's helicopter. On the inside of the helicopter is the text "THIS HELICOPTER MIGHT CRASH ABU WE REALLY DON CARE IF IT DOES REFER TO FLIGHT MANUAL FOR HELP".

1moe7 describes it as their "favorite hidden message in GTA IV," and it's not hard to see why. It's largely inconsequential, but it's a funny line and really helps establish the ambivalence of the GTA universe, given the many drastic events that are often completely ignored or at least taken lightly by civilians.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

The heavy motor vehicle theft series also hosts countless references and allusions to other series. Redditor LordIronVader even discovered the hatch from the show Has lost hidden underwater "south of Humane Labs" in GTA V. While the editor could not crawl closer, they noticed that the light went out, indicating that Desmond of Lost was inside and still alive.

Another editor, Eddbgtconsidered: "If you wait, a Morse code is played repeatedly, translate it and it reveals a message from Roman Bellic, the cousin of the protagonist of GTAIV." While Has Lost is not often mentioned these days, it is a very appropriate and intriguing allusion in a Luke Grand Theft Auto V. Plus, it's always fun to have a reference to other GTA games, especially when they help reveal parts of the story that players might not have known otherwise. In fact, it even indicates that the man inside could be Bellic.

Grand theft auto 8 hidden details editors found in the games

One of the best GTA hidden secrets appear in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. While many of these mysteries are fun mechanics that add a touch of intrigue to the world or the game's story heavy motor vehicle theft series, this one was just the most fun to play. Expecting to find one of the many hidden secrets of the series, batman banished decided to take a look at what might be at the top of the bridge leading out of the city.

With the help of a jetpack, the user actually managed to find a message from the developers. A sign was engraved in the bridge: "There are no Easter eggs up here. It may have been disappointing, but it's definitely hilarious, and batmanexiled was happy to share it.

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