Elite advantage

Elite advantage

Let's assume that I was one of the many who were looking for the "really good" English teacher. So the one who can motivate me "properly. Or in other words: An "English teacher", who makes it easy for me to learn vocabulary, even if I already had to read, listen and – last but not least – speak English all day long. Especially the actual talking often requires a certain amount of motivation and self-confidence. Where is then the confidence in one's own abilities and competencies, which are already there and which are only waiting for THE opportunity to be challenged?

John is such a challenger! Mercilessly charming, always committed to expanding the knowledge of the individual and supportive when the limits of the so-called possible seem to have been reached. John points out that there is always something new to learn, discover and try out. Who would like to be voluntarily induced to give a "presentation" or conduct a "job interview"?? And possibly even in front of the whole class or "in front of everyone?!

What does it do to a learner, a customer and: What exactly made it so easy for me in such situations? Is it John's wit, his acting talent, which he uses again and again in a convincing and stimulating way, or is it "just" his intuition for what is important right now?? This does not only mean the vocabulary, expressions and trenchant answers that he develops together with all participants of a course for a successful job interview. Each individual is "encouraged and challenged" in his or her own individuality and "picked up where he or she stands" – as can be read in many pedagogical guidelines and specially formulated directives. In John's individual English trainings. In the classroom this is a fact; one with lasting success. When you suddenly realize in the midst of your own learning process and personal development that everything has already improved and you also notice how much joy and fun is associated with learning, then you know that you are learning "the right way".

After an 8-week business English course, I can say for myself personally that I have been able to improve my knowledge of English significantly. My goals were:

– a clearly extended vocabulary

– a fluent communication beyond small talk

– a confident demeanor with appropriate vocabulary in an economic context

With John's professional support, his inventiveness and the occasionally necessary, but always humorous "knack" I have achieved my goal.

In short: John is a sensitive teacher, challenging trainer and ideal sparring partner. Or in other words: The "right" contact for all those who want to develop themselves personally and professionally – and do it with enthusiasm and the joy of doing it.

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