Electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles

Slowly but steadily, electric mobility is gaining momentum. It is by no means limited to electric cars. Also motorcycle manufacturers bring electric motorcycles on the market. Similar to the car drivers, the community of motorcyclists is also divided. Some show great interest in electrified motorcycles – for others they are not an option at all. E-motorcycles are compared to conventional motorcycles in some areas completely different, which brings advantages and disadvantages with it. Whether the purchase is worthwhile, must ultimately weigh each motorcyclist individually.

Restrictions with the electric motorcycle

The dismissive attitude of some motorcyclists towards e-motorcycles is mainly due to their limited range. The storage capacity of today's batteries is still a significant limitation, even if the ranges have increased in recent years. Depending on the model and the manufacturer, it is possible to cover distances of approx. 50 to 200 kilometers to cover.

Also the loading time has to be considered. Charging a battery takes much longer than filling a motorcycle tank at the gas station. Therefore, it is not possible to cover longer distances without interruption. On long trips, the electric motorcycle forces the rider to make longer stops.

Another argument that critics like to put forward is that the sound is completely different. E-motorcycles do not burn fuel, which makes them quieter than conventional motorcycles. If you like the typical sound, you are at a disadvantage in this case. At the same time, due to their quieter operating noise, electrified two-wheelers are heard later in road traffic, which is a disadvantage in terms of road safety.

Furthermore, electric motorcycles are still comparatively expensive to purchase. In this context, relative price differences are of particular importance. Many motorcyclists are bothered by the fact that they would get a conventional motorcycle with more power for the same money.

Benefits of the e-motorcycle

Despite the aforementioned limitations, electric two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular. The fact that the combination of lightweight vehicle and high-torque electric motor allows considerable acceleration is a reason for many motorcyclists to buy the bike. At the same time, there is no need to shift gears, so that acceleration can be uninterrupted up to top speed.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is sustainability. In this respect, it depends mainly on the origin of the charging current. Motorcyclists who charge their electric motorcycles with pure green electricity can make a significant contribution to protecting the climate and the environment.

But not only the reduced emission of pollutants protects the environment. The considerably lower operating noise makes a further contribution, as people and the environment are less bothered by noise.

E-motorcycles are also convincing when it comes to road safety. Electrified two-wheelers are particularly suitable for motorcycle beginners. They don't have to use the clutch or shift gears, so they are less distracted and can focus their attention better on what's happening on the road.

Last but not least are the maintenance costs. Electric motorcycles may be relatively expensive to buy, but they score well in terms of operating costs. Battery charges are considerably cheaper compared to purchasing fuel, of which z.B. Commuters who ride motorcycles to work every day benefit enormously. Also otherwise the wear, like z.B. On the brakes, much less from. In addition, low premiums in motorcycle insurance and a ten-year exemption from vehicle tax are arguments for buying an electric motorcycle.

The electric motorcycle – a real alternative?

E-motorcycles ride differently than conventional motorcycles. Especially when accelerating, they can offer a lot of riding fun. On the other hand, electrified motorcycles are still relatively expensive to buy and their range is severely limited.

So it is mainly the intended use that decides whether the purchase is worthwhile. Those who want to go on long tours are better off with a classic motorcycle. Those, which are on the other hand regularly on short distances on the way, can profit again from the electric variant.

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