Electric cables for electric trucks on the highway.

Nowadays the pollution is a problem without solution. The reason for this is, among others, the application of cars and trucks to drive long distances. This produces so many exhaust gases that damage the environment.

Electric cables for electric trucks on the highway.

However, nowadays it is not possible to do without these means of transport completely. In Germany, however, there is an alternative solution with regard to the different types of trucks: one would like to Install electric cables, that would load the trucks. This would avoid the use of fuel.

Let's see now which Advantages and disadvantages this idea has.

Electric cables for trucks: how it works?

The first thing to understand is how the electric cables are installed on the highway for powering trucks.

In Germany there are rarely speed limits on the highway and they have installed flying cables, very similar to those used by streetcars. Of course, these cables have not yet been installed on all freeways in Germany, but only on some routes: Here's how to run tests to know if the results are reliable. At the same time, a system will be installed on the trucks: At the beginning, there will be only hybrid trucks, so they are not only powered by electricity.

Similar systems have already been tested in the USA and Sweden. These would be the first trials in Central Europe. So what are the pre-. The disadvantages of this system?

Electric cables for trucks: what are the advantages?

Now let's start with the benefits. Electric cables for hybrid trucks can undoubtedly improve the Reduce pollution, that the normal trucks cause. With the application of this method, carbon emissions would become less and promote cleaner air. This strong reduction of the emissions could even improve the critical situation of the ozone hole.

Another advantage of this solution is energetic savings s. Since they are hybrid trucks, you should still refuel in order to continue driving without obstacles. But one would use much less gasoline than otherwise, especially if the trip is on medium and long distances.

If you want to calculate it exactly, you would be using a hybrid system of electricity and gasoline about 20.000 € per truck on one route of 10.Save 000 Km.

Electric cables for trucks: what are the disadvantages?

After listing the advantages of this system, let's see what disadvantages it has. Some skeptics believe that this technology will not Truck transport will be destroyed. A truck powered by electricity cannot be as efficient as a truck using fuel.

From less efficiency, there would also be delays in deliveries. This could damage the whole trading system. If it were to happen, eventually people would want to use the normal trucks again anyway, as soon as the problem is not solved. If this were to happen, the money spent on electric cables on the highway would be wasted.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the electric cables for hybrid trucks can be an optimal solution. But first it has to be researched in detail and best planned, otherwise it could lead to unnecessary waste and not bring any advantage at all.

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