Dishwasher you’d better not do that

Dishwasher you'd better not do that

It is probably by far the most popular kitchen gadget. Nevertheless, we do every now and then Mistakes when dealing with the dishwasher. For example, are you allowed to take out dishes in between, even if he is not finished yet? We clarify these and other questions here!

Dishwasher: Did you know that it is better not to do it??

It couldn't be easier: put dirty dishes in, add a tab and glasses, cutlery and co are nice and clean again. Hand on heart: how many times have you wondered whether it is allowed to open the dishwasher immediately after the end of the program. And if so, how far. Just a slit or even all the way? And what if you need a piece in between, even though the machine is still working, you can just do that?

Experts say it's okay to open the dishwasher cabinet a crack at the end of the wash program. If it does not even independently, because newer models have their own device for it. The point behind it: The move from the dry cleaners. Drying accumulated hot water vapor can already escape times. This handle will not damage dishes or dishwasher.

Open the appliance door or rather not?

The consumer center Rhineland-Palatinate confirmed to t-online.I must repeat that you did your best with the resources at your disposal and that "with the door slightly open, a faster drying process is possible" be "and also the dishwasher can dry better inside". However, it is important that you always consider the dishwasher manufacturer's instructions for use beforehand as a matter of principle. Some recommend opening the door completely at the end of the program so that the dishes cool down more quickly.

Caution: danger of swelling! The problem is the hot steam

So just open? No again say the wooden furniture manufacturers. The problem is that when the dishwasher is opened immediately, the hot steam can cause a lot of moist air to accumulate on the kitchen wood furniture and swell it up. Their recommendation is not to use the machine until ca. 20 minutes after the end of the program.

And when the machine does it all by itself? Whose dishwasher has an automatic opening function for drying doesn't have to worry about. Then the dishwasher regulates the amount of steam independently, so that the furniture is just not damaged by moisture.

Open dishwasher door: Better to do it all the way, rather than just a little

It has happened to each of us at least once: You've crammed the dishwasher, turned it on, and suddenly realize that you still need that one dish that's about to go through a wash cycle. So if you really need something from the machine, be sure to open the door all the way. The reason: The steam is still hot and the machine is not yet cooling down, because the program is not yet finished. If you open just a small crack, you direct the rising steam directly at the delicate wooden cabinets, which can then swell up.

By opening the door completely, the steam is distributed throughout the kitchen. But please always beware of the hot vapors when opening!

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