Days gone tips and tricks in the beginner’s guide

In this guide, we explain what you can look for at the beginning of Days Gone to get off to a good start and what is generally very useful for survival.

After what feels like an eternally long wait, you will be able to play Days Gone for a few hours into the role of the biker Deacon St. John and explore the post-apocalyptic world of zombie hordes, pardon the pun!, Freaker hordes, liberate. As one of the last survivors of the global pandemic, you roam the world with your beloved Bike the western United States; even volcanic scenery won't scare you away. The action adventure is a Open-world game, accordingly there is a lot to discover and to consider. We give you valuable Tips to the hand, which facilitate you the entrance into the Farewell wilderness. If you still can't decide for or against buying the game, take a look at our review.

Get to know the controller properly

Days gone tips and tricks in the beginner's guide

In Days Gone, you'll make the streets unsafe on your bike and destroy Freakers to make them safer again. With a look at the control options you will realize how complicated they are. So it is worthwhile to internalize the controls before starting the game. In particular, the Survival wheel (L1) is placed a bit awkwardly. Try it out before the first battle and memorize the key sequence well, so that you can craft Mototov cocktails and bandages and change weapons immediately if the worst comes to the worst. In addition, you have the possibility to Control menu the key assignment of"Roll" and"Duck/Slide" to switch. Since the circle button is easier to reach, you should put your preferred function on it. If the camera moves too fast or too slow for your understanding, you can also adjust the camera sensitivity here.

Watch your resources

Days gone tips and tricks in the beginner's guide

If you spot a horde of freakers, you should hold back, at least at the beginning of the game's fun. Not least because of the rather spartanically distributed Ammunition deposits it's worth thinking twice about a hail of bullets. But not only ammunition, also other resources like car parts, fuel and healing components are not available like sand on the beach. Take a good look at the surroundings by using R3 to move the Survival view activates and makes collectible objects visible. It's best to make some bandages and Molotov cocktails before venturing out into. You'd better be careful, because your opponents certainly won't be lenient with you.

Keeps the overview

Since Days Gone's hopeless bleakness spans vast landscapes and you have relative freedom to decide when to do what, where, and how, you can Marker ensure the necessary overview. The Menu and the lower right corner of the screen on a smaller scale Map of the environment. Here you can see which direction you have to main mission you have to hit, whether possible opponents can see and hear you and where you have parked your bike. On top of that, a yellow (at Side missions white or. Brown) marker indicates how many steps you are away from the main mission. In the map menu you can also set your own markers. Good to know: You can only pursue side missions before and after a main mission; otherwise, leaving the current mission area last Checkpoint loaded.

Weighs the pros and cons of ranged and melee weapons

Days gone tips and tricks in the beginner's guide

The variety of weapons in Days Gone is truly impressive. Next to Ranged weapons such as shotgun and crossbow will also be some Melee weapons offered. To save bullets and arrows, switching to knife and baseball bat may help. Advantageous here is the missing noise levels, which could attract more opponents. Close-range weapons are particularly good for ambush attacks. However, the Shelf Life Indicator (with the exception of the knife) steadily degrade with use, at 0% the weapons break completely. So before starting the fight, make sure you have enough durability or be prepared to change weapons.

Maintain your bike

Mario has Luigi, Sherlock has his Watson and Deacon St. John his beloved motorcycle. It takes quite a decisive role in the gameplay, since only a few vehicles can be used and the terrain is best explored with two wheels anyway.

Days gone tips and tricks in the beginner's guide

As helpful as the bike is, it can also be treacherous. It takes a lot of planning and attention to get the Motorcycle to keep intact. First of all you should always pay attention to the fuel gauge. The places where you can find gasoline are sparse. Think about where to stop while you're still on the road, otherwise you'll have to temporarily move on foot and venture into dangerous areas with no means of escape. Your bike wants to be treated well. If you land in front of a tree or other obstacles while driving, the motorcycle will usually resent the faux pas quite a bit. To fix it, you need Scrap and that to the. So always, if possible, screw around with old wrecked cars and pay attention to the well-being of your companion.

The upgrades will allow you to improve your performance and make the Optics including Paint scheme change. We recommend you to focus on the Performance to put: Especially the Handling is in need of improvement and also the Tank capacity should be increased as soon as possible. If needed, you can read more in our bike guide.

Think through your battle strategy

We have already mentioned the variety of weapons. This wide selection also allows you to Bevy of options, Freakers and other opponents such as Rippers to eliminate. You will soon realize that you will not get far with a thoughtless assault. Especially when you're fighting with a horde (of up to 500 undead!), other strategies will have to suffice. If you discover individual freakers, we advise you to give Camouflage attack which neither attracts much attention nor consumes bullets. However, if a group needs to be taken care of, you can try to split them up and take them down in multiple actions, or you can handle Gasoline Can, that can be won with a skilfully placed shot and a great range explode. It is also possible that different oppositions against each other to stir up: If you are tactically smart, bears and wolves can maul the rippers or freakers can go for each other's throats. Your creativity are almost no limits set.

Head to the NERO checkpoints

Days gone tips and tricks in the beginner's guide

At the beginning of the game not only your skills but also your stats are limited. If you want to increase your Health, Endurance and Concentration Improve your skills (and yes, you do want to improve your skills)!), then look for the NERO checkpoints on. In the total of 12 available plants you can find Nero injectors, which increase the mentioned stats. On the spot, the first thing you need to do is find a fuel tank and put it on the power generator, as a result the doors will open for you.

The most useful skills for a successful start

Achieves you Skill Points, you can invest them in three categories (melee, ranged, survival) to individually upgrade your skills. All Perks have their justification. Are of course taste-dependent. But for the beginning we recommend you to improve your survival skills. The ability"Thief in the night" Lets you move Deacon more quietly – strategic ambushes are thus aided.

Even the "talentGreen thumb" helps you to make full use of the already scarce resources, because you collect twice as many plants. Since even with ammunition like the crossbow bolts plants are needed, an early purchase is worthwhile. Of course you don't do anything wrong if you increase the damage of your weapons either. In the course of the game, depending on your priority and inclination, you can choose those skills which best promote your individual style of play.

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