Customers need global technology partners

Customers need global technology partners

At an event attended by more than 40 directors and company executives: the company LeasePlan explained why she GT Motives has chosen LeasePlan as its largest pan-European provider. Experience in the field of innovation. Sales in the North American market.

GT Motives gathered more than 40 directors and company executives in Madrid last week as part of its program on Market Leader. This year the cultural diversity the leitmotif of the conference. This concept is currently generating a change within companies that want to be global market leaders.

A global market is a more profitable market and a company with people who understand this diversity and make it their strength is better prepared to establish itself as a leader in the future.

The international companies are undergoing a global transformation in order to compete in global markets with integrated multicultural teams.

GT Motive provides technology and information solutions for the automotive industry worldwide. Both the technology sector and the automotive industry are characterized by their "global nature". Therefore, global development at GT Motives an important part of the company, which is also embedded in its corporate values.

Customers need global technological partners. GT Motive is responding to this need thanks to its partner Mitchell International achieved synergy, the best evaluation solutions with has been complemented by modern and innovative platforms for claims and accident handling.

In the last three years, the company has made investments amounting to 17.4 million. Euro to optimize its technical information and data center and to adapt its global solutions to local markets. Thanks to these improvements, company revenue increased by 12% in 2014. A growth of 20% is planned for 2015.

For GT Motives people and talent development are critical in a multicultural environment. Among the 255 employees, more than 13 different nationalities from 2 continents work with suppliers. Partners from different parts of the world gathered together.

Diversity has become a marker of success or failure for many companies. GT Motifs makes this diversity its strength. Against this background Fons Trompenaars, Founder and director of the company that bears his name, and one of the world's greatest experts in this field invited to the event. Trompenaars has been training, motivating and advising many large Fortune 500 listed companies for more than 25 years to confront their business growth and cultural diversity issues in order to achieve the best results and gain efficiencies in the context of globalization, acquisitions and mergers, human resources and people management.

The conference was also attended by LeasePlan participated and was presented as a success story. Manuel Gabas, Operations Manager& Procurement Director, explained the global development of the company, established in 32 countries, and also the requirements that Lease Plan places on its technology providers. And how GT Motive Became a provider of valuation solutions and value-added services to the European vehicle leasing sector.

Another speaker of particular interest was also Peter Lovasz, Senior Director of Sales& Customer Success of Mitchell, who presented best practices for sales in the competitive North American market to the attendees.

José María Castelo, General Manager of GT Motive said: "In recent years, GT Motive has embarked on an exciting globalization adventure that is risky and very complex, but provides great satisfaction to look forward with vision. We are confident that we are on the right track with a presence in more than 20 countries. The fact of sharing the past days with a team of more than 13 nationalities with different habits and experiences, all together focusing on a project and on common values, gives me a great pleasure and strengthens the confidence in our project. During this event, we worked with experts in the field of cultural diversity, with our European business partners, global companies and with our partner Mitchell. We know that with this enthusiasm and with our technologies and services, we provide our international customers with better solutions so that they can achieve the best results and be more efficient".

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