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Abendzeitung-Nuernberg.De – the bavarian magazine for current& interesting newsWelcome to the Bavarian Abendzeitung Nuremberg, the magazine for articles and news about the Bavarian region in Germany. Other focus areas are car, lifestyle, games as well as sports, health, finance and many more. In addition, in addition to numerous tips and tricks, you experienced always current and timeless news, on various topics of the world. Our focus is not on dumb news distribution, but we want to provide the readers with useful and at the same time informative material. We wish you now much fun with the reading of our always free contents of the evening paper Nuremberg.En

Current, timeless & interesting

Monkey King

The extraordinary film with the crass name "Monkey King" is not about evolution as in Planet of the Apes. This work here is more of a comedy, which takes a lot of getting used to. This appeared some time ago, in 2016 to be exact, where it is roughly about dirty laundry and old stories.

Current, timeless & interesting

The best anti-stress tips that help immediately!

Having stress is part of the normal everyday life for many of us. Healthy stress can drive us and help us become better at what we do, as well as achieve peak performance. Unhealthy stress, on the other hand, makes you sick, unstable and shortens your lifespan. To relax, various tips can help to come down quickly.

Current, timeless & interesting

What belongs in the first-aid kit?

The next vacations will come for sure. This also increases the anticipation of the next vacation. Without preparation one should not set out into it, a check list represents thus a meaningful variant, like one guaranteed nothing forgets. What belongs in a first-aid kit and what you need to take with you should be at the top of the list.

Current, timeless & interesting

Using the Internet in old age

We are in a social change right now. People who have grown up without the Internet are becoming less and less. Older people often view the medium with indifference or skepticism. But it also has many advantages. A cautious introduction and pointing out positive aspects of use can help to slowly break down prejudices against the Internet.

Current, timeless & interesting

Microsoft Windows 11 – a preview of the new Windows

Many think the time of Windows is over, but far from it. In the foreseeable future, Windows 11 will be launched on the market for the broad user mass, with numerous innovations in store. In this many Apps are offered for Androidsysteme. Also get new controls. An innovative design with Windows 11 an adequate home.

Current, timeless & interesting

Software group SUSE goes public

Suse represents a software company, which aims to go public. The goal is to generate more freedom of action and to open up new financial opportunities. With the timely going public, the form of the company also changes. As a public limited company, you now want to offer shares worth up to 34 euros each.

Current, timeless & interesting

Good sun protection on vacation

Anticipation is high for the upcoming summer vacation. It makes sense to make a checklist of important items that still need to be taken care of. This also includes getting a good sunscreen for your vacation. Headgear and sunscreen are very important, especially if children are traveling with you. These points should not be underestimated.

Current, timeless & interesting

Esterbergalm – Hiking, mountain bike and cable car tours

Each of us would like to go on vacation several times a year. If you don't always want to go to the seaside, you can also travel to the mountains, for example to Esterbergalm. Why not go hiking, collect minerals and enjoy nature? Mountain biking and tobogganing in winter is also possible there.

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The power of information over worldwide knowledge

The Internet and digitization have not only revolutionized access to knowledge, they have also. The Evening Newspaper-Nuremberg.De has made it its business to provide you with free access to knowledge in the digital world 24 hours a day. We cover the most important everyday topics, such as car, sports, household or health, among others. Useful knowledge, for example around the own household, can never really hurt. Who knows about the easiest way to get rid of those pesky fruit flies or how to dry the laundry in the winter in the most environmentally friendly way? Use our guides on this subject. Optimize your budget.

Enhance information with video and photographic material

Current, timeless & interesting

The actual information in the form of a text is a simple but at the same time important matter. In combination with suitable photo and video material, we additionally enhance the content for you. Go to another level of information in some areas by doing so. In addition to the classic text form, you will also find informative pictures and videos that bring you closer to the respective topic or illustrate it better. Because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures. The power of the media should therefore never be underestimated. True to this motto, for each item you will find informative media such as photos or videos.

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