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Classification in no-claims classesThe no-claims class system applies to motor vehicle liability and fully comprehensive insurance. The classification in a no-claims class (SF class) can be done according to different rules. In the following we would like to give you an insight.

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Classification in the no

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"Classification" with an existing insurance contract

If you already have an insurance contract, you have already been insured for motor vehicle liability and, if applicable, for. Fully comprehensive insurance classified. Every year, you will then receive a better or better no-claims bonus. Upgrading, if you have not reported any damage for settlement. Thus, accident-free driving is rewarded with a yearly lower SF class, until you have reached the highest and thus cheapest Sf class at your car insurance company.

Novice drivers

Basically, a novice driver is classified in SF class 0 (zero). This means nothing else than "zero" claim-free years driven, since a beginner driver's license can also not yet prove driving experience. These "new driver percentages" are of course very unfavorable, since insurance premiums are very high in these cases. Here it is recommended in any case to look for favorable tariffs with the help of the insurance calculator on our web page.

You have held a driver's license for many years – you have never insured a car before

Anyone who has obtained a driver's license within the EU and has been driving since at least. 3 years in possession of the driver's license, can be insured according to the so-called SF class. Driving license regulation immediately be classified in SF class 1/2. With this, you can save a little compared to a young driver, if you have not had your own motor vehicle insured so far.

Regularly, this license rule also applies to drivers who have had a driver's license for 10, 20 or 30 years, but have not insured a car themselves during that time. This situation often arises after a separation, when both partners drove a car together and the insurance contract was in the name of the other one. Or you previously had a vehicle on a company lease. Does not get the no-claims class transferred from the employer. In short, without a pre-insurance period – in the last 7 years – the bite at the apple can be very sour. Let us advise you as an insurance broker. We will find a suitable solution. Request advice.

Insuring a second car (second car regulation)

Most insurers offer the possibility to classify and insure a second car directly in the SF class 1/2. This variant is therefore cheaper than the initial classification via SF class 0. Second car insurance is often used when another vehicle is to be purchased for the (spouse) partner or the own children (novice drivers).

Reclassification after interruption of the contract

In the case of a contract interruption up to 1 year, the no-claims class is maintained. Some insurers go to a maximum of 7 years in the motor vehicle liability and motor vehicle comprehensive insurance. If the interruption is longer, then the re-insurance or the insurance of the second car takes place. Reclassification via the driving license regulation with SF class 1/2. Under certain circumstances we can offer an exception. Please contact us. Request advice.

Transfer of the no-claims class

A no longer uncommon method is the transfer of the no-claims class from one person to another. Thus a person gives the SF class for an insurance contract from. However, there are a few things to consider here, so we have written a separate guide article for you on the transfer of no-claims bonus classes.

Car insurance abroad: Transfer of no-claims class

You live abroad (or. Vehicle registered. Insured. You have therefore concluded the insurance contract with a local insurance company. Now you want to return to Germany and have the claim-free years (no-claims class) transferred from the foreign insurer to a German insurance company. In principle, it's possible – but few insurers are making the effort.

If you would like to transfer the no-claims class from abroad to Germany, please contact us. Prerequisite is that you have (will have) a German residence and you can prove the insurance period abroad.

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