Cars should be traded .

If existence founders would like to make themselves independent as a car dealer it applies to consider certain factors, so that the way of the independence as a car dealer of success is crowned. How it really looks with the success in the area of self-employment as a car dealer, we will discuss and review below. Self-employed in the field of car trade:

The following topics are to be consid.

⦁ The car trade in Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland: facts and trends
⦁ Which cars are sold the most ? Profitability orientation
⦁ Investigation of the location
⦁ Display of the vehicles
⦁ What is the importance of the Internet in the car trade? ?

Facts and trends in the field of car trade

The year 2018, was a promising year for Germany. About 3.95 million new registrations Germany was able to record this year. This is, compared to the previous years in the car trade, an increase of 5.2%. On average, when buying a car in new condition, 31.200 euros spent. If we look at the used car market in 2018, we also see an increase in sales from Original 77 billion euros to an astonishing 86 billion euros. About 31 billion euros was spent by used car dealers.

In the last 2 years we have seen an increase in the number of used car dealers. Here, many factors play a major role. A major role here is the start-up capital for self-employment in the field of car trade. Banks do not like to give loans to used car dealers, but how you can still get start-up capital for car trading, you will learn in the car trading program, where I explain step-by-step how you can manage to get start-up capital for car trading.

Cars should be traded .

Why there are still used car dealers who do not manage to capitalize on the business, is also because they do not have an overview of the market situation or the market situation. Do not pay attention to important factors, which are vital for the used car trade. In this day and age, this includes electric mobility, which will take a large part in the car trade in the coming years. What you have to pay attention to when observing the market situation, I also show you in the car trade program.

Which cars are sold the most or. With which cars should one trade ?

Before you look at which cars you should sell to make a lot of money as quickly as possible in self-employment in the car trade, you should first look at who you want to target. If one wants to trade with new or used cars. Should my business be aimed more at private or commercial customers ? If one chooses the former, there must be cooperation with the respective manufacturers. This must be done skillfully, because manufacturers do not enter into cooperation with every car dealer. How you manage, as a self-employed car dealer, to get into a cooperation with the manufacturers, I will also show you in my car dealership program in detail. If you have managed to get into cooperation with the manufacturers as an independent car dealer, then you are a contractual partner, which has both positive and negative aspects. What is very advantageous is that you have a working system at your disposal right away. What is negative to note would be the high costs, which reduce their own profits.

In terms of entrepreneurial freedom, self-employment in the used car market offers a wide range of possibilities. The leeway in terms of prices is much higher, which of course increases their own profits. Now you have to decide which brand you want to include in your assortment. Here is the location plays a decisive role. You should focus on the needs of your environment. You have to think about which cars are preferably bought. How to find out which cars are bought most in your area, I will explain in the car trading program.

What is the importance of the Internet in the car trade? ?

The Internet is now an indispensable widget, which has also spread in the field of car trade. Especially if you have decided to deal in used cars, you should not underestimate the Internet. Nearly 95% of used car buyers search for used cars on the Internet, which is why you as a used car dealer can't avoid listing your used car on portals such as Autoscout24.De or mobile.De, to advertise. The advantage here is that they can address many more customers at the same time and their location is not limited locally, but expands to the entire corresponding sales country and beyond. Why the used car buyers inquire before the purchase in the Internet portals is because of the comparison possibilities. So that one with the car trade portals, like Autoscout24.De or mobile.De, on page 1 at the top comes, whereby one generates very many new customers, it applies to consider some factors, which are it and on which you must pay attention, I show you in the AUtohandel program. Registering self-employment in the car trade.

Before one begins to make itself independent in the car trade, one must announce its trade rightfully. How you have to do it and what you have to pay attention to, I show you step by step in the car trading program.

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