Car insurance despite schufa

Car insurance despite schufa

Car insurance despite SchufaWhat does it actually look like with the change of car insurance, if there is a Schufa entry? Does a change or the new conclusion of the insurance work despite the Schufa? In principle, some aspects of motor insurance are among the so-called mandatory insurance policies, which makes it easier to take out. To what extent this affects the change or the search and on which points motor vehicle owners should pay attention, if they look for a motor vehicle insurance despite Schufa, shows this contribution.

What does the compulsory insurance mean?

The motor vehicle liability insurance is a mandatory insurance in Germany. Like health insurance, it is a legal requirement for everyone who owns a car. The compulsory insurance law states that every car must be insured in these three points:

– Property damage – these are damages that the car owner can cause with his car to objects of other citizens. The accidentally hit garden fence belongs to it, as well as naturally any damage, which develops in the context of an accident at stranger motor vehicles. – Property damage – if the driver causes an accident, financial losses can quickly result. This can already be by the driver damaging a delivery truck with company equipment. But this also includes loss of income. – Personal injury – if people are injured in an accident, these are personal injuries. Just these must be covered by the liability.

No motor vehicle liability insurance policy may fall below the statutory coverage limits laid down in the law. However, they are relatively low. For personal injury, for example, there is only 7.5 million in the law. This may sound like a lot, but these costs quickly add up in the case of lengthy treatments or even accidents with several injured people.

Basically, the purpose of car insurance is to protect the owner from horrendous costs after an accident has been caused, and at the same time to ensure that those who have been injured in an accident are paid costs for repairs, loss of earnings or even treatments.

What does the Schufa say in the case of motor vehicle insurance?

The compulsory insurance law now plays into the hands of those who have a negative Schufa. For the pure liability insurance, especially the basic insurance with the statutory coverage amounts, no one may be denied. Here there are exceptions only for drastic cases:

– Insurance fraud – who has already committed insurance fraud, was caught and convicted, may be rejected by the insurance company that was harmed by the incident. – Open items – who still has higher open items with this insurance, which may also be rejected, or imposed with conditions.

In all other cases, insurance companies must at least offer or refer to motor liability coverage. The situation is a little different with the comprehensive car insurance policies. These are practically the additional insurances. They include liability coverage, but go beyond its benefits:

– Partial cover – in addition to pure liability damage, the car insurance also covers some damage to the insured vehicle. Glass breakage, marten bites, but also animal accidents and hail and storm damage are among them. – Full cover – it includes the other two car insurances, extends the partial cover and includes the damages to the own car if the owner caused an accident.

No car insurance is obliged to offer comprehensive cover despite negative Schufa. This puts owners more often in a bad position, because if they finance a vehicle, the comprehensive insurance is often mandatory. Nevertheless, there is good news at this point. Also the full and partial cover of the car insurance is to get despite Schufa.

How to make the change or new contract?

If you want to change car insurance despite Schufa, you must first check your old contract. When can the insurance be cancelled? The term is always one year, if not canceled, the contract is extended. It is important not to rely on the cut-off date at the time, the 30. November, to leave. This date was created because in the past all insurances were based on the calendar year, but today many contracts start in the middle of the year and end exactly one year later. So it is necessary to know the cancellation date first. Those who intend to take out a new policy need not worry about this, of course, and can disregard some of the points in the following list:

– Comparison – each change or conclusion begins with the comparison of the car insurance. This is also possible with us despite Schufa. Our calculator accesses all car insurance policies. Aligns it with the input of the holder. At the end a listing with the best car insurances is displayed. – Inquiry – now the insurance request is made. Who already has a car insurance despite Schufa, which should wait for the result of the request first. Don't worry, double insurance is impossible. – Acceptance – If the car insurance is approved despite Schufa, the policyholder receives the eVB number, i.E. The insurance certificate, by e-mail and later the contracts. Now the old insurance can be taken care of. – Cancellation – once the contract is made, it is safe to cancel the old car insurance policy. Important: The cancellation must be in writing. Policyholders should start the comparison in good time so that they still have enough time before the end of the cancellation period. This is always one month.

And already can be driven with the new car insurance despite Schufa. In the event of a change, both the new and the old insurance company notify the registration office of the change and transmit the new eVB number. In the case of a purely new contract, the eVB number is simply brought along when the car is registered.

Chance plus: better chances of the car insurance despite Schufa

Especially if you have a very negative Schufa it can be more difficult to get the comprehensive car insurance policies. The reason is simply that insurance companies don't want to take risks. But this can be easily cancelled:

– Annual payment – If you pay the insurance amount up front, you take all the wind out of the sails of the car insurance company. Moreover, the contribution amount will now decrease because there is a discount on the payment method. – Deductible – some car insurances fear with negative entries that the customer could constantly report damages. If this has happened frequently in the past, it can be a reason for exclusion. It makes sense to agree upon a deductible. The owner now has to pay this amount out of his own pocket for each claim. Plus point: this arrangement also lowers premiums.

In general, it is important not to exhaust the comprehensive insurances. Whoever constantly reports all minor damage to his car will be blacklisted by the car insurance companies, likewise the contract can be cancelled. Since insurance companies coordinate with each other, switching is also made more difficult. Experts therefore advise to notify the partial cover only from 500.00 euros, the fully comprehensive even only from damage worth 1.000,00 Euro or higher. Of course, everyone has to decide for themselves which limit is manageable for them.

Conclusion – there is the motor vehicle insurance despite Schufa

Despite entries in the Schufa it is relatively easy to find a good and cheap car insurance. Our comparison of motor vehicle insurances already helps, but your own details can also increase your chances. Without a car insurance no owner stands there, because the liability must be offered also despite a very negative Schufa. But even the partial and fully comprehensive insurance is often awarded despite Schufa, if the customer is otherwise nothing to blame or agreed to a deductible.

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