Car immobilization

Car immobilization

Decommissioning a carThere are several reasons why someone might want to decommission their car. What about you: Do you not need the vehicle for a longer period of time and therefore want to save costs?? Or are you planning the final decommissioning of your car with subsequent disposal?? What you have to pay attention to when you decommission your car, you can find out here.

Which legal regulations apply to the car decommissioning?

Since the new registration law, which came into effect on 1. Since the new German Road Traffic Act came into force on March 1, 2007, simplified rules apply when you want to immobilize your car. You do not have to decide immediately for permanent or temporary immobilization, but your car is automatically temporarily immobilized for 7 years after deregistration. During this time a new registration is possible at any time. If you intend to do this, you only have to prove that you have a valid main and exhaust emission test. After the 7-year period, the vehicle's operating license expires permanently. A new registration is then only possible with a full appraisal. We advise you to decommission the car permanently only if you are sure that you do not want to use it again.

Responsible for the car immobilization is each registration authority. This makes it easier for you to buy a subsequent "used" vehicle, because you can register and deregister the vehicles at the same time. If you buy your new used car from us, you can save yourself a trip to the registration office, because we will take care of this for you as a free service. Another reason to contact us is the possibility to earn a few hundred Euros with your old car. So before you finally decommission your car, please contact us.

What documents do you need to decommission your car?

At the vehicle registration office in Munich is currently only the registration certificate 1 or. The vehicle registration certificate as well as the license plate number are necessary if you want to decommission your car. Nationwide, however, this can vary, so the following documents can still be added:

– Vehicle registration or. Registration certificate 2 – passport or identity card of the vehicle owner – in case of final decommissioning: Proof of disposal from a certified disposal company

If you do not have the time to go to the registration office yourself, a representative can do this for you. Depending on the location and request (registration or decommissioning), the o.G. Provide documents as well as an appropriate power of attorney.

What happens to vehicle insurance and vehicle tax when a car is immobilized??

The registration office informs your car insurance about the decommissioning of your car. If you want to re-register your car, you need a valid eVb number (eVb = electronic insurance confirmation) from the insurance company. With this you can prove an existing insurance coverage at the registration office. The valid period for this is determined by the registration and deregistration day.

The responsible tax office will also be automatically informed by the registration office that your car has been decommissioned – you do not have to take care of it yourself. If you have your car decommissioned, you even get back the excess vehicle tax you paid. However, a transfer to a new vehicle is not possible.

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