Car care after winter heading for summer with shower power

Car care after winter heading for summer with shower power

If you want to give your car a new shine and get rid of the last residues of winter, you should keep a few things in mind during the first wash of the season. First of all the suitable washing place. To prevent contamination of groundwater by oil, soot and cleaning agents, there are precise regulations in Germany on where a car may be washed. However, as these can vary depending on the local bylaws, the Environmental Agency, to the local water management office in advance to inform about the regulations of the municipality.

In many cases, washing a car in one's own driveway is not allowed. You can therefore save yourself the trip into the jungle of paragraphs in most cases and drive straight to the nearest car wash, This is also the advice of the federal authorities. Since the car washes have cleaning systems that are gentle on groundwater, the the best thing for the environment. Clear conscience. Clean car? That sounds like a good package!

When washing the car, it is advisable to first remove the roughest remnants of the cold season. Leaves likes to hibernate in the engine compartment, in the joints and on the sunroof. At the beginning of the cleaning process, you should therefore take a look at the Search for the last leaves and fish them out. Otherwise, the small drains in the bodywork or the blower's exit openings can become blocked, which is quite annoying during a summer thunderstorm as well as hot temperatures. But enough of the doom and gloom: With the hands, a broom or long brush the leaves can be easily gotten rid of in most cases.

The following Door entrances – A classic winter problem area. With Cleaning agents, water and a little patience should first be removed what the boots have left behind. There is usually a lot of dirt here that steam cleaners and car washes can't reach when the doors are closed. Where they are already open, you can also directly use the Sealing rubbers maintain. Special Care pens with Vaseline make porous rubber supple again and ensure that the summer rain stays outside.

The next step is road salt, grit and road dirt The car has been suffering from a number of problems over the past few months. Very important: Before you go to the car wash, you should coarse dirt washed away with a high-pressure cleaner become. Otherwise, the fine salt and dirt particles can act like sandpaper and give the paint an unwanted rubdown. It's better to be on the safe side and pull out the water pistol for adults first, which is really fun anyway with rising temperatures. Nevertheless, the golden high-pressure cleaner rule should be observed: at least 30 centimeters distance to avoid damaging paint and sensitive parts.

Deserve special attention Wheel arches and Rims, that have seen a particularly large amount of grit in recent months. Alloy wheels spick and span again. To the real eye-catcher. This not only dissolves salt residues, but also stubborn brake dust, so that the layer of dirt can then be removed with a sponge and brush can be processed. After that, it's worth putting on a good head of steam to rinse the winter aftermath into the past with the high-pressure cleaner.

For the car, it then goes to the spa area: In the car wash now once the full pampering program, please. Prewash, underbody wash and engine compartment wash remove the last salt residues even in hard-to-reach areas, Sealants and wax care for the paint and provide a lasting shine. Automated car washes that allow the driver to remain in the car are particularly recommended – they can tolerate loud summer hits, including their own vocal interludes.

When everything is shining, you should take the time once again to do the Inspect vehicle for damage. These can be seen particularly well on the freshly cleaned car. Can be addressed in good time. Discover spots where the paint has chipped, recommends the ADAC the remove chipped residue with a hard, pointed object and to repair with a touch-up pencil. Otherwise, rust pimples can develop, leading to expensive repairs. Better take care of it right away. Later carefree cruising into the sunset.

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