“Candy apples” in 150 variants

"Tomatoes are my roses" – who can say that about himself? There, where on Wednesday the Genusswanderung led, that is asserted. The starting point was the town tower, the finishing point Helga Dressel in Grundfeld.

The sky did not bode well. On the one hand. On the other hand it would not be at all so easy to still cancel a Genusswanderung shortly before its start, and that had never happened, explained Hildegard guard in the afternoon of the past Wednesday. But there it should really rain.

After all, 14 hikers, mostly loyal supporters of the series offered by the spa and tourism service, were to meet at the city tower. The sky was supposed to be overcast, but the air was warm and clear. But in view of the ground, which was still damp from the day before, hiking guide Hildegard Wachter decided on a route that was halay up the Staffelberg, and via the "Panoramaweg" led to Romansthal.

There guard provided for a little illumination. Thus the place derives its name meaning with strong probability from someone, who came from the Roman language area, very probably from Italy.

At that time the husband of the Grundfelderin Helga Dressel stood in the kitchen and prepared something, which might remain for a long time in the memory: filled chicken legs, Kaiserschmarrn with sweet Paradeisern or a "multicolored Gartenallerlei, which kisses mango, salmon and Parmesan". This is what it should say on the menus laid out on the table under the grape arbor in Dressel’s garden.

"Heavy terrain" the hikers did not have to master until there. But what awaited the group was probably clear to few of them.

Helga Dressel is a trained garden and tour guide and an encyclopedia on tomatoes, tomato history, tomato varieties. In their garden alone there are 150 cultivated varieties, in addition there is a small shop with homemade tomato all sorts between pesto and spices.

Blindfolds for certain people

On arrival the astonishment was great. Helga Dressel led through her garden, through a world of tomato variety. But some of the funniest paraphernalia in their garden is just under the cover of the gazebo: blindfolds. "Some people don’t like yellow tomatoes, so they get blindfolds – and yellow tomatoes after all. Then they taste them nevertheless", explained the woman.

Three years ago it had come first to the acquaintance between it and Hildegard guard and in the past year then to the circumstance that Dressel was for the first time host-giving for such a migrant route. As well as the original and tasty food, Dressel’s knowledge of the tomato phenomenon is likely to be remembered as a pleasant aspect of the hiking tour. The woman, who is herself consulted by fruit and horticulture experts on cultivation issues, trod tracks laid out in fields of linguistics, sociology, history or nutritional science on the tomato.

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