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Are you looking for a suitable bike for your son or daughter, but you don't want to buy a new bike because it might be too small again soon anyway?? Or do you want to go on your first bike tour with your toddler?. Search for a suitable trailer or child seat? Or have your little ones grown so fast that their old children's bike has become too small for them and now you want to sell it quickly and safely?? Uoka.De is the suitable platform to sell or give away functional but no longer used children's bikes or to find a suitable device for your little ones! The offers are collected from all over Germany, so you can buy or sell the right bike directly in your area. Without much effort, quickly and easily!

Find cheap offers for great kids bikes!

Your children are now big enough to get on a bike for the first time and you are looking for a safe and affordable bike because they will soon be too big for it again? Quoka.De offers you a wide selection of different bikes. Whether the pink children's bike with glitter stones and flower basket, the funny tiger duck bike or the cool bike with lightning sticker and the great Bob the Builder bell, you will certainly find the right bike! Or is the little one not yet big enough for a bike and you are looking for a running bike to prepare him to ride a bicycle? On Quoka.De you find bikes in all sizes, shapes and colors. Whether it's a tricycle , a running bike or a mini BMX, the right bike may even be offered right near you. Also the trailer for the first bicycle tour or the child seat is only a few clicks away. Of course you can find on Quoka.De also the suitable equipment for the little ones. A fancy bicycle bell is offered as well as bicycle bars, colorful pennants, funny bicycle locks, training wheels or the Ob children's helmet in different sizes and colors. Even the bicycle doll seat for the favorite doll can be found here! Enter what exactly you need in the search bar, enter your place of residence and the area in which you are looking, and numerous offers will appear in your vicinity that are tailored to your exact needs. You can refine your search by specifying your asking price and whether you want to search for private sellers only, commercial listings only, or both.

Do you want to sell a used but fully functional bike?

You haven't found the right bike for the little ones? The trailer does not quite meet your expectations? Or does the color of the wheel not match? Then go actively in search and create on Quoka.De free request for your desired bike! Specify what you imagine, what price you are willing to spend and where you live. Already the first vendors will be aware of you and may have exactly the wheel that your little ones want. The offerers can you directly on Quoka.De and you are already in contact with each other. Your little ones are now too big for their old children's bikes or the running bike, but the bikes are still tip-top in order? Your toddler no longer fits in the bike seat or trailer? Then just place a free ad on Quoka.De on. Offer it for sale or as a gift!De up and offer it for sale or as a gift! Create nice and meaningful pictures, describe the children's bike as accurately as possible and indicate where it is located and for what price you would like to sell it, whether you are willing to negotiate or if you just want to give it away so that it will be fun for a little one in the future. The ad statistics calculate exactly how often your offer has been clicked on and viewed. So you can see exactly how desirable your child's bike is or whether you should possibly upload other pictures or write a more meaningful text. You may also have to adjust your asking price. Your ad stays on Quoka for twelve weeks.De online and should no suitable buyer be found by then, your offer will of course be extended free of charge. How to get rid of the kid's bike quickly and easily and others are happy to get great deals for their little ones!

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Bicycles for children

Bicycles for children

Bicycles for children

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