At the end, red roses fly for leon buttner and erik konietzko

At the end, red roses fly for leon buttner and erik konietzko

bad staffelstein – almost exactly two years ago, erik konietzko and leon buttner thrilled their audience at the alte darre. Once again, the bad staffelstein cultural initiative had invited them to the event. Both are no longer unknown in the local music scene.
Erik konietzko’s love for the songwriter scene is rather an exception in the younger generation. His partner proves to be a gifted guitarist and excellent accompanist.
The two-hour program follows the tradition of the great song poets such as reinhard mey, georg danzer, andre heller, hermann van veen and klaus hofmann. Erik konietzko’s father was at a concert of bob dylan on the zeppelin field in nuremberg in 1978. 40 years after his legendary performance, the songwriter will give a guest performance in april in the frankenhalle. "Then I will listen to the 76-year-old boy". With their uncomplicated manner, the duo konietzko and buttner quickly won over the hearts of the listeners.
At the end of 1989, hermann van veen’s song "kusschen" was released emerged. What sounds so harmless is not. the mother has disappeared, the father turns to someone else. When going to bed, the son must now give the other one a kiss.
konietzko wrote the song "mir traumte" by the austrian all-round artist andre heller from the 1982 album "voices to be heard in the luggage. With its almost surreal images, the song is a complement to the following song from the pen of the Bad Staffelstein songwriter. The own composition "uber deinen schatten" (jump over your shadow) impresses with sentences like "get up, you have to get out of your monotony", "don’t make yourself small" and "jump over your shadow".

With an alarm clock at three in the morning

just recently erik konietzko spent a songwriting weekend with the exceptional artist konstantin wecker. "It was great", reports the 20-year-old. Wecker is one of those people who are still smart at three o’clock in the morning.
In the repertoire of the two are love songs, summer songs (which also have their justification in winter), but also critical tones, such as konstantin wecker’s song "sage nein" (say no), which was published in 1993. A commitment to humanity and civil courage. "If they are now blatantly yelling nazi songs again, making jokes about jews …, then stand up and interfere: say no!"

Stormy applause

after a rapturous applause from a completely satisfied audience, with red roses flying onto the stage, there are two encores at the end of the show. All in all, it was a beautiful, stylish concert with songs that should not be forgotten.

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