Absima 1 10 ep crawler cr3.4 sherpa rtr

Absima 1 10 ep crawler cr3.4 sherpa rtr

The CR3.4 SHERPA is a high-end scale crawler with technical features that are appropriate for an "RTR" Vehicle are exceptional.


– A realistically designed 5 mm CNC-machined aluminum frame with a heavy-duty aluminum 4-link suspension system – portal axles not only offer a greater distance from the differential housing to the ground than conventional axles, they also have another positive feature. In conventional crawlers, the torque applies so much force that the vehicle jumps over the obstacle. The design of the portal axles reduces the transmission ratio at the wheels. Virtually eliminates the torque shocks of the engine. The overall reduction ratio of the axle drive is more than twice that of non-portable versions to ensure smooth running. – A unique hydraulic steering shock absorber design combined with a 9kg digital and waterproof steering servo… – …Drive shafts made of hardened steel and a steering angle of 45.8° offer the best possibilities for any terrain. – The CR3.4 SHERPA has a 2-speed gearbox, which allows you to overcome difficult terrain and also quickly get to the next obstacle. Simply push a button on the remote control and change from gear ratio 1/37.1 (low speed) to 1/15.1 (high speed) – Lock and unlock the front and rear differentials independently for maximum performance on the track – all remotely controlled with your remote control and 2 built-in mini servos. Leave the differential unlocked to allow smooth hadling at high speed. On technically challenging trails, you can lock the front differential, rear differential, or even both to handle extreme terrain. – An aluminum motor mount and adjustable slip clutch provide added protection in extreme conditions. – Hardened differential gears and drive parts made of steel – designed for high loads – The drive concept – powered by HOBBYWING – includes a 60A waterproof speed controller and a 550cc motor. Set the jumpers to the correct position to set your battery type (NiMH / LiPo) and drive mode (forward / reverse / brake). – A 9kg digital steering servo with metal gearbox and 3x 17g mini servos with 0.9kg actuating force for gear ratio and differential lock/unlock are already installed. All servos are waterproof. – The 6-channel 2.4 GHz radio system gives you total control over your vehicle – whether it's the light unit, 2-speed transmission, differential locks or setting the top speed. – Lighting package: – front headlights with "evil eye" – Rear lights – Turn signals (for steering movements) – Search lights (on the hood) – Marker lights – Hazard warning lights (front and rear) – Brake lights – Light bar on the roof – The light unit is installed in the 6-channel receiver of the vehicle. You want to use a different 6-channel remote control without losing the lighting functions? No problem! – You will find a description of how to proceed in the manual.

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