35. Gti treffen am wörthersee full of extremes

Traditionally, the tuning Puritans meet even before the official meeting around the Carinthian vacation paradise. There models and equipment are to be seen, which in Austria hard at the border to the permissible streifen – with foreign license plate one eye is turned here.

The weather was also on the borderline of the permissible for a short time: At the beginning of May, the sky opened its cold floodgates and once again sent a winter greeting to Reifnitz.

DOTZ used the time during the snow chaos to set up the TT on DOTZ Shift 19" in a nearby underground garage for a shooting (more about this in a later report).

When the winter moved on and the sun made its appearance again, the mood rose also with the DOTZ girls around .

Motorized highlight at the Dotz booth on the occasion of the GTI meeting of 4. To 7. May was a with partner Foliatec spruced up Audi TTS. The 2.0 TFSI engine makes a whopping 379 hp thanks to a Muggianu conversion with a K04 upgrade turbocharger. The racing look with the TT-RS body kit is rounded off by the mounted DOTZ Revvo dark 9.5×19 ET 35.

And speaking of traditions: got a befitting airbrush tattoo from the longtime DOTZ partner…

… Peter Riedel, who drew with his technology a whole tuning panorama on the skin of the models.

Meanwhile Sabrina had her hands full next door. Of the approximately 100.000 visitors of the GTI meeting naturally also some wanted a signed poster of our DOTZ Girl.

As always in Reifnitz are also some DOTZ Teamrider with it. For example Jörg Altreuther brought his VW Golf VII GTI with coilover suspension. DOTZ Revvo dark 8.5×19 ET 45 to Carinthia.5×19 ET 45 to Carinthia.

The concept car under the motto "Lowgo", which is based on Lego, will be presented in more detail later on.

This white knight here is the Skoda Superb station wagon of Daniel Beck. 170 HP brings the Skoda on the road, in the track holds it a GAS air suspension and the Revvo 8,5×20 ET 45. Dotz will also dedicate a separate news report to the Superb in the near future.

The 35. This year's GTI meeting was held under the motto "Back to the roots. The cars were again the center of attention, …

…Booths with products that have nothing to do with cars were only allowed to a very limited extent. The whole exhibition area was reserved for the lowered, polished and roaring tuning monsters.

Another DOTZ team rider exhibited his car: Alex Koch cruised with his Octavia RS to the lake. The tires of the nippy family car equipped with a coilover suspension are on a DOTZ Revvo dark 8.5×19 ET 45 mounted. DOTZ will also dedicate another report to the Octavia.

And while this year the VW Group brands Audi, Seat and Skoda stayed at home with their 2016 line-up, the Wolfsburg-based group has made some major improvements for the GTI on the occasion of its 40th anniversary: with up to 290 hp, the Clubsport will be the most powerful series-production GTI of all time. The WRC Polo was also present. A 7er GTI in the motorsport version.

The participants showed themselves very disciplined this year, as it was said on the part of the authorities afterwards. Even if some conversions testified to extreme ideas, …

…Such as a moving pool with an open heating system or…

…A Bulli for the very small ones. If the trend continues, we can already look forward to the GTI meeting 2017. Then the VW tuning community of 24.

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