“1000 Hearts” goes on tour again

the "1000 hearts for kronach" charity campaign has been around since march 2003. Since that time, collections have been made tirelessly, small and large events have been held in the city and district of kronach, always with the aim of helping where the need is greatest in the district.
As donations administrator heinz hausmann reports, the donations are distributed to needy and needy people via a distribution committee. Over the years, more than 5,000 individuals have been supported. But "1000 hearts" can only ever help if the action itself is also helped again and again. "We are pleased that a lot of offers of help have been received for the first half of 2018", according to herta and gerhard burkert-mazur "only in this way is it possible to fill the campaign with new life again and again."
The starting signal for the "tour 2018 falls on 23. February in nurn, in the inn deuerling takes place with "garry& friends" and home poet hedi hohn a pub sing of "1000 hearts" which will find a second edition in the autumn in the restaurant klug in nurn.

" rennsteig festival" as a highlight

a highlight of the "tour is the "rennsteig-fest of 1000 hearts" on 18. March in the rennsteighalle in steinbach am wald. 120 young and old artists from the rennsteig region, from the district of kronach and beyond sing, dance and play for a good cause.
And "1000 hearts" stays on the race track. A few days later, on 23. March, the tettau theater association invites you to a benefit concert in the festhalle tettau. Many years of friendship between the tetta theater and musical association and "1000 hearts have made a joint production possible, which brings the large music corps of the zollkapelle nuremberg for the good cause on the tettau stage.
And since music and singing belong together, "1000 hearts" is the right thing to do on easter monday, 2. april, guest at the annual concert of the singing club steinwiesen.
From 1. To 3. June the jubilee of the audi-club kronach takes place in neukenroth around the zecherhalle. "many audifans from all over germany are expected" , so chairman lorenz setale "they come with their cars, but also with the whole family." 1000 hearts" takes over childcare.
Of course, the summer open air on the lake stage in kronach must not be missing from the program of the aid organization. the rendezvous of the frankenwald stars will take place on sunday, 22 sunday. July, takes place.

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