When the youngster wants to have the car key again

When the youngster wants to have the car key again

Faster than some would like, the offspring is grown up and makes the driver's license. Probably very few young people have their own car. It is clear that they hope to be able to use mom or dad's car. However, parents should first look at the fine print of their car insurance documents before letting their kids have the car keys. Because while in one's own youth it was not an issue at all who was allowed behind the wheel, nowadays there are umpteen different tariffs.

Cheaper rates
Those who have a garage, for example, pay lower premiums for some insurances. If you only drive a limited number of kilometers a year, you can save money with the right policy. Anyone who has chosen a cheaper tariff in which he is registered as a single driver may not simply leave his car to others – not even to his own children. And those who don't comply have to pay a lot of extra in case of doubt.

The good news: Even if no other driver is added to the policy, in the event of an accident, liability must always pay for damage to the opposing vehicle or pain and suffering claims. This is regulated by the so-called compulsory insurance law. However, you then slip into a worse no-claims class. Pays higher insurance premiums as a result. According to Allianz, comprehensive insurance covers accidental damage to the insured's own car even if it was caused by a driver who is not listed in the policy. Here, too, the policyholder's no-claims class increases – and with it the premium. The insurer warns against an additional premium payment. In the worst case, even before a contractual penalty. Allianz therefore advises informing the car insurer in advance about the car rental – even if it's only a one-time event.

Kids at the wheel will be expensive
However, those who want to include their children in the policy must expect higher costs. Random checks by Stiftung Warentest show: When young people are re-registered, the annual bill often rises very sharply. Some providers even charge double or more. The age limit is often 23 or 24. As the German Road Safety Association has determined, almost 60 accidents occurred in 2019.000 young people between 18 and 24. Young drivers would have by far the highest risk of accidents on the road. This is probably the reason why insurers are charging higher premiums for this age group. That's why a price comparison is especially worthwhile if parents want to include new drivers in their car policy.

In any case: Whether you want to let your cousin, your friend, your nice colleague or your offspring take the wheel, check your insurance documents first.

In an emergency, almost anything goes
In an emergency – i.E. If you can no longer drive your car yourself for health reasons – drivers not listed on your insurance policy are also allowed to drive you home or to the doctor, according to Allianz. If there is an accident, the car insurance takes full effect, without you having to fear any additional payment or penalty.

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