What happens during autogenic training.

What happens during autogenic training.

What happens during autogenic training? Autogenic training is based on the assumption that everyone is capable of influencing himself, but it requires some discipline in the learning phase. Regular practice ahead. The goal is to relax inwardly under one's own power, at any time and in any place. Here you find access to your own body, learn to feel it and to control it yourself. Thoughts and pictorial ideas have a direct effect on the feelings via the central nervous system and thus lead to a physical reaction. (As you z.B. From dreams, you run in your sleep and when you wake up you notice that you have sweated as a result, or your heart beats faster. In the method of AT, the idea of heaviness. Heat the relaxation process. The heaviness causes a decrease of tension in the muscles, the muscle tone decreases and tensions are released. Heat leads to increased blood flow to the skin. Thus rises u.A. Also the infection control. In purely physical terms, the central nervous system switches from activity and tension to rest and relaxation. A pleasant feeling arises. Body stress relief. Mobilize power reserves.

It is z.B. Possible to control heart and circulatory problems, increase concentration and relieve inner restlessness and anxiety.

Those who practice the formulas regularly not only increase their ability to concentrate from time to time, but also increase their own power of imagination, so that they can put themselves into this state of relaxation autogenously, i.E. By themselves and independently of external factors.

To restore the balance between the sympathetic nervous system (the central nervous system of the autonomic nervous system, which basically supports the organism in providing energy) and the parasympathetic nervous system (which provides rest and relaxation).

"Every fixed idea has a tendency to come true." Prof. Dr. J. H. Schultz

When does autogenic training work?

Often feel as if you are constantly under tension? Are you often tired, overwhelmed and exhausted or unfocused?

One is simply overloaded, irritated, hectic, nervous and exhausted.

Stress and hecticness characterize our everyday life, the demands around us and in our professional life are increasing more and more. Often, you are under so much stress that unintentionally, co-workers or worse, family members suffer as well. Protect your children or partner from such situations. Do something about their imbalance.

To become more calm again, the regularly applied exercises of autogenic training help. Often, headaches, back pain, high blood pressure, restlessness, etc. Can be prevented. Avoid.

Relaxing helps manage stress… Increase your well-being. Thus, reduce various ailments or. Prevent the worse from happening. Restore your body's efficiency and serenity.

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