‘Well, i’m still curious.

'Well, i'm still curious.

Miriam woke up late that morning, the sun was already high in the sky promising a hot day. Despite her sleepy state she felt her hard nipples pressing against the bed sheet. A grip between her legs confirmed her permanently excited state. Full of anticipation, she let two fingers circle through her wet crack. Called out the change in their bodies quite consciously. Groaning with pleasure, she became the bizarre latex creature again. With limbs tightly bent and mouth wide open, the eyeless sucking crab lay on the bed, longing for a tail. On the one hand, Miriam was sheer mad with lust; at the same time, the unfulfilled greed for sperm was almost unbearable.

Inwardly agitated, she resumed her human appearance and showered extensively. Then they called Natascha. "Hey, how would you like to sunbathe with me on the terrace?? We can get some sun before the party and chat a bit." "Great idea, I'll be right over … Uh, with or without a bikini?" Miriam laughed. "What a stupid question – I have a storm free place. Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Miriam opened in her latex outfit. 24 hours ago she at best dreamed of presenting herself like this, now she found it natural. Natasha entered, puzzled, and asked. "What kind of get-up is that, do you want to lie down in the sun like that??" "Yes, I did it yesterday too and it was fantastic, you wouldn't believe how good you feel in it." Natasha looked somewhat pityingly. "You've always had a knack for it, but I'm really starting to wonder where this is going to go."

Natascha slipped off her hot pants and top from her young body, underneath she was naked. The genes of her Brazilian father asserted themselves in her very well. A beauty like Natasha was usually only seen on the beaches below Sugarloaf Mountain. Tight plump butt with flared hips and well defined breasts that stood out heavy but firm against her flat belly. Plus, of course, the dark skin in that light olive hue.

The half-Brazilian went to the terrace and lolling on the lounger as Miriam brought some drinks and made herself comfortable on the second lounger. Natasha watched her friend somehow she already looked horny, with this shiny, smooth latex outfit bizarre, but still very aesthetic.

Casually Natasha stroked Miriam's latex stockings and felt the smooth, warm surface of the material. It must be a crazy feeling to have the whole body in such a shell. "I have a few latex pieces if you do get curious," Miriam said in passing. Natascha felt caught. Startled, she realized that her hand was moving along Miriam's thigh and was now caressing its inner side. Quickly she pulled her hand away. Shook her head. "No, leave it, I'm still ticking properly."

But she couldn't really relax, her eyes kept lingering on Miriam's body until, after a while, curiosity got the better of her. "What other parts do you have from this rubber stuff? Miriam opened her eyes. Blinked over at her. "Well, curious after all?"Yeah, now don't keep me in suspense, I'm getting really interested. The fetishist jumped up. Pulling Natasha behind her. In her room Miriam took a box out of the closet. From it she took a pair of leggings of red latex and a vial of oil. "Oil yourself up so the latex slides better."

Natasha's tension gave way to a strange anticipation. She rubbed her butt and legs with the clear oil and Miriam helped her put on the tight latex pants. Due to Natasha's curvier body the piece sat quite tightly on her hips. While the latex was very stretchy, the leggings cut deep into her butt crack and her outer labia stood out so clearly as if they had just been painted bright red. The pressure on Natasha's sex was not unpleasant, but clearly noticeable. She sauntered devoutly back to the terrace. Feel every movement in her tight panties.

With a fascinated smile, she tossed her long black hair over her shoulders. "This is awesome! It's like someone is touching you all the time, you're going crazy, do you still have a top??" "Yes, but it doesn't quite match."Oh it does not matter, we are still among us. Miriam fetched a white latex piece. Helped her friend get dressed with a cheeky grin. "Hey, the sleeves are yes closed in front." Miriam breathed gleefully. "I told you this top wasn't ideal, but you wanted it that way."Metal rings were incorporated at the ends of the closed sleeves, which Miriam now snapped into a sturdy snap hook behind Natasha's back. Natasha was startled to see that the skin-tight latex blouse turned out to be a straitjacket. She became aware of her helpless situation, but what should she be afraid of? Miriam was her best friend.

The blouse was cut so that the breasts peeked out of the garment. Perky Miriam stroked her friend's plump tits. Natasha breathed excitedly. Asked with a cooing undertone. "Is it the heat, or why am I so wet all of a sudden??" "I don't know," Miriam breathed seductively. She sat with spread legs behind her friend. Dripped some oil on their latex-wrapped hands. Slowly and tenderly she massaged Natasha's breasts. Again she felt a delicate breath of air against her ear as Miriam whispered. "I'm going to leave you in the straitjacket until tonight so you can please the boys at the party when you suck their cocks."

Miriam's words caused a tremor in her head, indignation and excitement mixed into a new emotion. She imagined herself helplessly surrounded by quite a few twitching cocks. Slowly reality crashed like waves over her head and she felt weightless, even with her eyes open she couldn't see anything anymore. Miriam's arousing massage slowly extended to her whole body, she felt a strange buzzing in her head. Natasha's sense of space. Time disappeared. She was swimming in infinity. Enjoyed the foreign touches on her body. Impossible that two hands can be everywhere at once, she was massaged and stroked from head to toe, sometimes like jets of water from the hot tub, sometimes like strong gripping hands.

A hard object set against her slick cunt and slowly penetrated, seemingly infinitely deep the stud pushed into her and remained there. The same happened with her butt hole, the cone started there too and penetrated slowly but very deeply. On her mouth she felt a pair of lips, from which a wet tongue emerged and tenderly penetrated her. At first cautiously, then more and more demanding, the foreign tongue danced around in her oral cavity, then abruptly disappeared. With her mouth slightly open Natasha floated in this strange world, her abdomen filled to bursting in the hope of further stimulation. Longingly she hoped for another wet kiss. After a seemingly endless wait, a hard, wet plug entered her mouth and she greedily closed her lips around the shaft, never to let it slip out again.

As she played around the oral intruder with her tongue and sucked on it, it began to grow further. Your mouth could hardly pick up the strange object. He pushed himself deeper and deeper into her throat. An imaginary corset wrapped itself around her body. Pressed her body together mercilessly. Twitching with greed, Natasha enjoyed this incredibly horny torment, unable to escape this violence, but she did not want to. Miriam was also caught again by the fantastic suction. Turned into the cock horny sucking crab. Lying on her back, with her mouth wide open, she was craving something to suck on, something she could enclose with her lips. To her surprise her eyes opened and she saw a man with a huge cock, heavy and shiny, sticking out from its owner. This fuck organ she needed to feel in her mouth, but she could not get up and the man made no effort to lean down to her.

Almost mad with greed she wriggled her stubby limbs. But suddenly she could stretch out her arms. Reaching for the phallus extremus. But her arms did not reach the object of her desire. To make matters worse, the man now took a few steps to the side as if to dash any hope of release. With a jerk, Miriam pushed herself off the ground. Straightened her upper body. Once again, something unexpected happened, she was able to stretch her legs out. The ballerina heels were now also fully formed. She stood somewhat shakily on her toes, her heels supported by the extremely long heels. With small cautious steps she approached the man. Squatted down in front of the mega cock. Both hands cupped the shaft as she put her lips over the glans and sucked on the cock with deep satisfaction. Like out of her mind she pressed her head harder and harder against the massive fuck piston, she wanted to feel it as deep as possible in her throat. Her blow mouth stretched as far as it was possible, she sucked the tail and looked up with curious eyes at the black man. The visibly enjoyed the treatment and moved his pelvis thrusting in her greedy mouth fucked her deep throat.

When he came, his pelvis jerked forward again and he drove his piston deeper into Miriam once more. The semen shot deep into her throat, she didn't have to swallow the cream, her throat readily absorbed the violent spurts and channeled them deep into her body. A relieving shiver ran through her body, her thirst was quenched for the time being. Natasha's intruders also suddenly began to twitch. Discharged almost simultaneously in their body. Whipped up by a primal orgasm, her body reared up and pierced the thin latex skin above her. The fresh air felt cool on her damp body. Startled, she looked around. Saw a wide valley full of strange plants. All the vegetation seemed to be in constant, slow motion. Natasha looked down at herself, she was squatting in a pool filled with liquid latex, she saw her black shiny body, her clearly enlarged breasts and some tentacles twitching in the liquid.

A tentacle shot out of the black liquid, wrapped around her neck, and pulled her back down deep into the black, unknown world. Again she was anally penetrated, this time even harder, deeper, faster. When she thought she was going to burst, she saw light again.

The two girls woke up screaming with lust on the garden lounger. Out of breath and with wildly pounding hearts they lay in each other's arms. Natasha first found her way back to speech. "What was that, I felt like I had been changed?"Grinning furtively, Miriam took her helpless friend by the hand. "Come with me, I'll show you." As Natasha followed her friend, she still perceived that all latex utensils were lying on the floor of the terrace. The now naked girls went into the house together. Made themselves comfortable on the big leather sofa in the living room.

Miriam playfully stroked Natasha's legs. "You have to want it, I mean the change, then you will also change." Natasha thought she understood and enjoyed the tender touches, at the same time she caressed herself and had to think about what she had experienced in her "dream". Slowly her body twitched. She lost consciousness for a short time. When she opened her eyes again, she looked at her body in amazement. Her skin was jet black. Shone like a freshly polished grand piano. Her face was reflected in her thigh, she recognized herself but she had a fuller pout and bigger almond shaped eyes.

With her black, mirror-like fingertips, she explored her body. The skin was incredibly sensitive and felt soft and warm. Thrilled by her plump tits and hard nipples, she did not even notice that Miriam placed himself in front of her. She looked up and saw Miriam's equal, flawless body. The graceful creature with the very feminine features Miriam had become reached out her hands to Natasha. She pulled her up from the sofa and Natascha stood for the first time on her altered tiptoes and extremely high heels.

After a short eye contact they fell over each other like ravenous lionesses. An outsider might think they were fighting with each other, but their tightly entwined wrestling was the discharge of indescribable desire. Again and again their mouths found each other and their tongues fought to penetrate as deeply as possible into each other's throats. They massaged each other's massive breasts. Pulling at the steeply protruding nipples. Both girls got wetter and wetter until both bodies were covered in a slippery film.

The two bizarre creatures were jolted out of their trance-like state by the jingling of the doorbell. It was already evening. The first party guests arrived. Four bawling boys stumbled into the hallway. "Hey! We picked up a few six-packs of beer at the gas station, not to let the party run dry."Unfortunately the sixpacks had to die first.

In shock, Olli slammed his alcohol stash on the stone stairs as a large black woman approached him. Miriam's exuded vast quantities of the beguiling pheromones. After the first shock, everyone's logical mind went out of action. The four boys trailed behind her as if hypnotized.

Natasha pressed the head of a classmate between her massive breasts, and began to undress him with deft fingers. Without much ado, throw him to the ground. Took a seat on the cock of her first "victim". The extraordinary vaginal muscles tightly enclosed the spanking and massaged the desired intruder, regardless of the movements of her pelvis. Miriam registered the considerable bulge in Olli's pants. Got down on her knees in front of his lap. She unpacked the lollipop. Sucked with relish on it.

In the meantime, one of the other two boys had come to the idea on his own that the mutated Natasha had other orifices at her disposal. It was his first anal, but he was sure this body orifice was the best a cock could get into. Natasha's converted intestine independently made all the movements necessary to fuck him. No sooner was the spanking inserted to the hilt than her ass was working like a milking machine.

The four young men did not know exactly what they were fucking, but they did it passionately with an almost superhuman steadfastness.

Olli's legs buckled under Miriam's monstrous blowing coasts. Huddled together he leaned against the sofa and looked at this perfect bizarre creature that sucked his privates so mercilessly. Their mouths seemed to have been made only for the purpose of oral intercourse. She looked directly at him with her big almond-shaped eyes, and teased him with her demanding look almost as intensely as with her blow mouth. Double fucked Natasha opened her mouth voluptuously. Greed for the last of the young men. Olaf stood, perplexed as ever, in the middle of the room. His shy nature was despite his extreme horniness hindered. It wasn't until he made eye contact with this fuck doll that he realized he was in for a real treat tonight, too.

He stood with his erect cock in front of Natasha's face and observed a tube-like tongue darting out from between her lips, which now greedily enveloped his bulging glans and sucked his cock deep into its open mouth. Olaf was pulled a step forward, but gladly went along with this treatment. Tightly Natasha's lips closed around the shaft. His glans got a special treatment from the special tongue.

Effortlessly Natasha managed the three tails in her womb. Laying on the floor with her legs spread wide, riding the cock under her, being ridden by another cock and on the side sucking Olaf's spanking, who was convulsively clutching at a cabinet to keep from collapsing.

Since Miriam could devote herself fully to Olli's cock, it also came first. He experienced a climax like he could not imagine in his dreams. Whenever he thought that was the last push, he was lifted to a new level and had to hose down once again.

He was milked like a cow. Like a stone that keeps bouncing off the surface of the water, Olli bounced from one high point to another. After a few minutes, his body had given up all its sperm reserves. He felt a dull pain in his testicles and Miriam let go of him. She gave him another delighted smile, then he fell into a sleep-like state of exhaustion.

Natasha coordinated the excitement of her three men in such a way that one by one they were milked. First she emptied the plunger in her ass, then Olaf's testicles were sucked empty, who during this procedure finally sank to his knees and whimpered with horniness. When even the last one had cum in violent bursts, silence returned.

While the boys recovered, the two latex beings made love without the slightest sign of exhaustion. Slowly they rebuilt themselves and became the girls as they were known to be. They put on some clothes suitable for everyday use and woke Olli, who followed them on a silent command. Wordlessly the three walked to his car without bothering the three sleeping boys.

At a junkyard on the outskirts of town, some young men were tinkering with their tuned cars when a somewhat battered compact car rolled into the large workshop hall. Olli and the two girls got out and were more or less welcomed. Olli's older brother pushed his way out of the crowd. "Hey, you're pretty stupid to bring your chicks here. Must go home alone."

The relationship between Olli and his brother was, in short: bad. The two could never have liked each other and Olli would never have come from alone on the idea to visit him. But now everything was different, the relationship with his brother did not matter. The drones were hungry. Here romped a good dozen young men.

Olli was towered over by his brother by a head length and the massive wrench in his hand was a formidable argument, but Olli did not back away, he felt no fear. From the daredevil courage of his little brother only more upset he came up to Olli. "Go on, piss off, we don't need any milksops here."

Miriam's delicate black hand clasped the big wrench, took it and threw it carelessly away in a high arc. The muscular body stiffened as the same hand slowly found a way into his pants. Natascha also used the senseless discussion to transform herself unnoticed. With gallant steps she moved confidently towards the group of young men. A mixture of curiosity and fear wiped any coolness from their faces as Natasha took two of the boys by the hands and led them both to a removed bench seat, where she took a seat to immediately unzip their pants.

At this point, the tail of Olli's brother was already deep in Miriam's throat. The remaining men divided themselves into groups of about the same size and surrounded the latex creatures. After a few minutes all fuck holes were filled with cocks.

Clear sounds penetrated through the hall gate, before which Olli smoked a cigarette, he was completely exhausted in this night and was good only as a chauffeur. After a remarkably short time, the entire group lay exhausted on the workshop floor, recovering from the extreme fucking. The two girls now preferred their human form again, got dressed and climbed into Olli's wagon. Olli was already waiting behind the wheel. Drove off in the direction of the city.

It was already late night when Tanja's flower opened. Slowly, in flowing movements, she stepped out of the wide-open calyx and stood erect in front of the plant. If she was already the most imposing appearance among these bizarre creatures, she had now extended this lead even further. The red lines now stretched even more finely branched over her shiny black body.

Her once bald head was now growing into a glowing red head of curls that framed her face and flowed down her back all the way to her rump. Their lips glowed deep red as if they were made of liquid fire. Her look alone could drive a man out of his mind.

The most noticeable thing, however, were the wings on her back. Like two strong arms they grew out of her shoulder blades and towered far above her head. Knowing her uniqueness, she proudly and sublimely walked out of the former winter garden into the mild summer night.

She no longer needed heels to walk, standing on her toes, like a real ballerina, she roamed the high grass of the garden. The floor beneath her was now visibly bulging and pulsating quietly and steadily like a very slow beating heart. Satisfied, the queen spread her wings and for the first time felt the wind gently stroking her skins. Like a giant butterfly she stood there and enjoyed the moment.

Confidently she began to flap her wings and pushed herself powerfully off the ground to experience for the first time the feeling of flying. With far reaching and steady wing beats she continued to gain altitude to disappear in the darkness of the night.

Apart from Miriam and Natascha, Tanja was missing two other drones. Women who had each received an egg had unfortunately fallen into the hands of police and were now lying in the isolation ward of the university hospital. Tanja had to act quickly to save her from the ridiculous "healing" attempts of the humans she made telepathic contact with Miriam.

Although Miriam had never been in this part of town, she could explain to Olli exactly how he had to drive. He parked his car in front of an apartment building, the girls got out and gave each other a very long intense kiss. Miriam began to gag, she handed her collected sperm to Natasha, who willingly swallowed the precious juice.

Olli watched the spectacle in amazement and almost fell out of the car when Natascha opened the driver's door. "Come get out, we are here." She took the distraught man by the hand and pulled him to the nondescript house where Tanja's drones were working more diligently than ever before. He felt no fear, only amazement and a libidinous anticipation. The incredible concentration of pheromones in the house reduced Olli's brain power to the basest instincts, but Natasha held him tightly by the hand and did not allow him to throw himself between the legs of her colleagues. She led him into the winter garden. Took off his clothes. Naked, with his tail sticking way up, he stood in the midst of the strange plant, willingly letting the large black leaves wrap him up. In no time at all he was surrounded by a dense layer of latex, like a mummy, which was now carefully laid on the floor.

Natasha looked up in awe as the lawn behind the house cracked open to reveal a huge, black latex sphere. A tentacle grabbed Olli's pupated body. Pulled in through an opening in the large sphere. The mighty main trunk with the royal seat flower was also slowly drawn to the sphere. Natasha finally took off her human clothes. Initiated the bizarre change in her body. In the form of a drone she mounted the sphere and handed over the collected sperm.


Miriam meanwhile got into Olli's car and drove away without a word. For several minutes, the Queen's voice was heard more clearly than ever before. Proud to have been chosen for this special assignment, she drove unerringly across town to the sprawling university grounds. Inconspicuously, she walked through the main entrance, but was accosted by the night watchman. "Hey, where are you going at this hour?? Miriam squinted her eyes for a moment. Answered quite naturally. "I have to get something. The guard nodded with a blank face. Pay no further attention to them.

Quietly and carefully she crept through the long hallway on the third floor. The voice of her queen guided her. "You have two more doors to go, wait before you enter."

Tanja was already sitting on the window ledge of the room in which the two drones were lying, getting an overview: The drones were fixed to their beds, but conscious. Two men in protective suits guarded her. Miriam was now standing right in front of the door when she heard Tanja's voice in her head. "Miriam, you must now see with my eyes do you see it?" The drone nodded wordlessly, seeing the lab from her queen's perspective. One of the men was asleep, the other was sitting at a screen totally overtired. Miriam pushed open the door. Jumped into the room with a big leap. Before the security guard could react, he felt a hard blow that broke his nose bone. Blinded by tears and pain, he staggered and fell. The second was in the sleep K. O. Beaten.

Without wasting time, Miriam freed the two bound drones that was the easy part. Now Miriam had to guide her bizarre sisters to the car. Cautiously she crept through the corridors and when the coast was clear, the two drones followed. When they were already outside the main building and heading for the parking lot, the security alarm was triggered. Without turning around, Miriam ran off, closely followed by the two drones.

"Stop, stop, or I'll shoot!" That was the voice of the night watchman. He stood a few meters away. Aimed a firearm at the three women. Miriam stopped. Looked tensely to the side. Their car was not twenty meters away, but still unreachable far away.

The security guard later stated that a black woman with wings grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground. The policeman left out the wing thing in his report, not wanting to ridicule the poor man and save himself a lot of stupid questions. Miriam took advantage of the situation. Ran with the drones to the car. As she shot across the large parking lot with tires screeching, another security guard took down the license plate number and notified the police.

Halay to her destination, Miriam saw blue lights in the rearview mirror, the patrol car overtook her, and a police officer motioned for her to stop with a red ladle. Miriam braked sharply, turned into a side street and shot through the residential area at full throttle. She was guided by her queen through the finely branched side streets and soon reached a main road again, which brought her closer to her destination.

A few hundred yards from Tanja's apartment, a patrol car was parked across the roadway, blocking the way. Miriam stopped the car. The three women ran off. The two drones were barely visible in the darkness due to their black latex skin. They jumped into a hedge. Slashed her way cross-country to her queen. Since Miriam was followed by the two policemen, she could not initiate her mutation. Visible from afar, she ran down the street. Ignored the warning calls of the policemen. Close behind her, the first pistol bullet hit the asphalt.

With superhuman endurance she sprinted to her saving goal. She gained a clear lead over the policemen, yet the law enforcement officers stayed on her heels. With a mighty leap, she jumped over a garden fence. Ran behind the house to the meadow. She stopped in front of a deep crater. Looked up in horror. The spaceship was already hovering a hundred meters above her. Disappear into the dark night. "NO!" She shouted desperately and out of breath. "Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, Miriam," whispered the softening voice of her queen.

"Hands over your head and stop, you're under arrest," ruled a breathless police officer. Miriam had the handcuffs put on without resistance, she no longer heard her queen's voice, everything was suddenly so senseless.

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