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The perfect wave! – Demand for high-performance watercraft with alternative propulsion systems is growing rapidly. That's why VERSUS DESIGN is designing an electrically powered sports boat for inland lakes that takes advantage of the benefits of a catamaran and is optimally adapted to the needs of wakeboarders and wakesurfers through intelligent special functions – such as the control of the exit wave through precise trim position control. With only a few exceptions, all Austrian. German lakes a ban on driving water vehicles with internal combustion engines. The demand for watercraft with powerful, yet clean and quiet propulsion systems has increased dramatically in recent years and finally became truly viable with the advancement of battery and accumulator technology. Because, taking into account current technologies, the market now offers a wealth of options for developing and producing a boat sustainably. There are virtually no limits to performance. Since the appropriate battery technology is however still relatively expensive, by the reduction of the weight by means of employment of high-quality lightweight materials, a substantial optimization of the achievement should be made possible.

VERSUS DESIGN recognized the need in a niche segment and designed specifically tailored to the needs of wakeboarders and wakesurfers, an innovative, electrically powered sports boat for use on inland lakes. The goal here was to develop a recreational product that is equipped with an alternative propulsion system and yet can compete with the performance of today's motorboats.

Electricks, at 5.8 meters in overall length, is a relatively small boat that takes advantage of a catamaran and combines it with the V-hull feature necessary for wakeboarding and surfing. The smart hybrid is powered and controlled by a dual-intake jet engine, which in this concept is fed by a RedoxFlow cell battery. Unlike conventional batteries and accumulators, the charging process of the RedoxFlow cells does not involve connecting the accumulator itself to the mains, but rather refueling it with a positively and a negatively charged energy-storing electrolyte respectively. The drained, unloaded fluids are subsequently reloaded externally and later reintroduced into the circuit. This technology thus eliminates the still long charging times, making the conventional, arduous battery replacement obsolete.

A water jet controllable from the angle of exit, an elevator attached to the jet and a 200 liter ballast tank installed in the stern allows the boat operator to precisely control the trim position of the boat and thus create a perfect wave essential for wakeboarding. In contrast to most boats, an external propeller was deliberately omitted in order to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum and to protect the engine from damage when running aground.

A large but very energy-efficient singlecolor LED display showing the current settings for trim position and energy consumption is just one of the integrated technical refinements. The display also shows a rough position plan to easily find your way back to home port, as well as information on water depth and side distance to foreign objects. The steering wheel intuitively controls the indispensable cruise control and the cruise control system. In addition to built-in stereo speakers that provide music enjoyment during the unforgettable driving experience, two integrated video cameras can be used to record all tricks.

The sober and clear interior of the boat does not distract the boater and supports simple operation without lengthy instruction. The boat offers space for up to five people. During breaks from driving, Electricks has a very simple, unique couch deck adapted to the overall design. The transparent sunbathing area stretches over the water at the bow of the boat. Provides enough space for all passengers. A thermo-insulating compartment for catering, as well as waterproof storage compartments finally ensure the bathing fun for good.

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