Vehicle tax for off

Vehicle tax for off

Here you will find the vehicle tax calculation for off-road vehicles as well as tips, court rulings and information on the subject.

What does my off-road vehicle cost in taxes?
Since May 2005, the off-road vehicles have been taxed as passenger cars, despite having been supercharged, so higher motor vehicle taxes are due.

Court rulings on off-road vehicle taxation:
According to the decision of the Cologne Fiscal Court (Ref. 6 V 3715/05), the motor vehicle tax increase for off-road vehicles violated the EU Directive. Off-road vehicles have been taxed since 01.05.Taxed at a higher rate in 2005 because these vehicles are taxed according to emission group (pollutant emissions), type of drive and engine capacity instead of merely according to gross vehicle weight (GVW) like passenger cars. According to the decision of the Tax Court of Cologne in 2005, this taxation is inadmissible. Multi-purpose vehicles such as a Landrover are not to be regarded and classified as passenger cars. Other cases were already before the court, such as this one: Because of the increase in vehicle tax, a driver of a Toyota Land Cruiser Type J 7 had filed a lawsuit (Az. 6 K 2378/05). In similar cases, the tax authorities wanted to suspend proceedings in appeals against motor vehicle tax assessment notices until clarification was obtained. When calculating the off-road vehicle tax, it depends on the individual situation. Affected parties could refer to the pending proceedings. Appeal against your tax assessment – with or without success. This varied from case to case.

Please note!
For the assessment of pollutant and carbon dioxide emissions, the findings of the transport authorities are in principle binding. In case of doubt about the emission behavior, it is therefore recommended to contact the vehicle registration office directly.

Interesting tips and information about off-road vehicles:
New working tool for forest, field and meadow – The Can Am Traxter Pro is designed primarily for use in rough terrain. The nearly 4-meter-long work truck has a payload of more than 770 kilograms. Land Rover Defender 90 off-road vehicle – After the long Defender 110, the shorter three-door Defender 90 can now also be ordered from the Land Rover brand. The off-road SUV will be launched in the summer of 2020. Off-road model 2019 – Car manufacturer Renault now offers the compact SUV Kadjar also in an all-wheel drive version. In combination with the new 150 hp (110 kW) Blue dCi 150 top diesel, the SUV is exclusively equipped with the "All Mode 4×4-I" system-System. Depreciation SUV – The magazine "Auto Bild. The market research institute Schwacke determined the 15. Times stable value cars. According to the calculations, in the category "Small SUVs the BMW X1 sDrive 18i. In the "compact SUV" vehicle category the Porsche Macan Turbo PDK the predicted highest residual value in percent. According to the calculations, in the category "Small SUV" has the BMW X1 sDrive 18i. In the vehicle category "Compact SUV" the Porsche Macan Turbo PDK the predicted highest residual value in percent. Possible diesel driving bans in Germany – The first driving bans for older diesel vehicles could come as early as April 2018 in German inner cities and municipalities. The best cars 2017 – To the choice stood the 123.719 AMS readers 378 models in 11 classes. In the category "large SUVs and off-road vehicles the Mercedes-Benz G-Class came out on top. Safety level – Modern SUVs and SUVs are better than their reputation when it comes to pedestrian protection. This is the conclusion reached by the ADAC automobile club after evaluating the current Euro NCAP crash tests. Check vehicle tax assessment, it could be wrong and lead to an overpayment. Is the off-road vehicle a safe. Comfortable everyday car or a gas-guzzling fun vehicle? The most popular vehicle categories – SUVs currently in demand. Luxury sedans are outpaced by electric or hybrid vehicles. New compact SUV Audi Q1 from 2016. Guide – Interchangeable license plates. Tips on particulate matter-. Badge regulation. New law changes for drivers since 01.01.2011. Important legal changes for car owners since 2010. Current registration figures 2009 – shift to smaller cars. Soon new motor vehicle tax calculation for smaller commercial vehicles? Tax reduction for high horsepower diesel off-road vehicles. Motor vehicle tax for off-road vehicles – retroactive tax tightening. New tax ruling – vehicle tax for heavy off-road vehicles. Off-road vehicle owners face higher motor vehicle tax. Final decision: soot filter promotion.

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